lost temper on phone

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lost temper on phone

I was trying to order pizza and the guy kept saying I was talking to fast , I wasn't. he said I cang deal with this guy. I was inraged and called back saying how inappropriate that was and when she said he was the manager I flipped out and went on a profanity laden tirade. I wanted to go to restaurant and really go off. I just can't control my anger. I just react before I know what's happened I've lost it.its scares me. this first time in 8 months that I exploded like this. I get angry really fast. I'm afraid some day I may beat someones ass.
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Thanks for sharing that David! Yes anger can be really tough in sobriety! Glad you didnít go back to that restaurant! They might have called the police on you if it got out of hand! That manager seemed rude! Who knows, maybe he couldíve been having a bad day or you both just happened to have that moment at the same time! Itís best to just walk away and cool down! Ask your Higher Power to help you with the anger!
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Hug 100. My grief is rage and I hate it. It makes me feel like I'm losing my sanity even more so than recovery did. I thank myself each night for surviving another day.
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