called doctor to see dietician

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called doctor to see dietician

I asked to be referred to a Dietician to get help eating better, because I have to admit I can't stop eating crap my self. it's not just time,or I don't want to cook. it's I can't literally stop eating crap without help. I'm on meds that cause cravings, and I crave only junk. I had a healthy lunch but then ate pizza and hot dogs for dinner because I was starving after eating pizza only 3 hours before. I'm alway hungry. I have lost 9 pounds recently though because I ate a little less. i hope the dietician can help me. I hate change often eat same diet for years at a time. i once ate the same lunch 3 years in a row while at work. I need to change, and I want to. I've been told my heart enlargement can be reversed if I lose weight and lower my blood pressure. I'm trying but it's not working. I've lost weight and ate right but it never lasts and I gain in all back. I don't think I could go on a diet I think it would jeopardize my soberity. when I eat healthy all I can think about is when I can eat junk and how much I want to do it. it won't leave me alone it's just like drinking but it's so much harder. I thought about going to oa but I'm working the steps in aa so I don't understand how going to oa would make any difference. for now I'm skipping breakfast and eating a healthy lunch . to be honest I had ice cream for breakfast. I just don't know I'm baffled by my inability to stop eating what's making me unhealthy,I also hate being fat but I just can't stop. I've been praying for God to help . I did Tell god today that I just can't stop bing eating and called on God to help. I just know I need help to stop eating. I'm not being the victim I'm just being honest

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I hope the dietitian will help you come up with a healthy eating plan that you can follow through with David

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I need to do this because I eat like crap also.
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thanks I thought I was alone my poor eating habits. it feels so overwhelming to eat better, even going to the store feels overwhelming. part of the problem is I don't sleep well. ever since I was kid I've had trouble sleeping. also intake anti psychotic meds and before I took them I was so thin I mean jj walker on good times thin if you get the TV show reference. my doctor refuses to lower my med does despite the fact it is the ruination of my body. I don't trust head doctors. they done nothing but hurt me..
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Thatís rough David! When it comes to staying sober and diet, it will take discipline! Discipline causes stress cause weíre doing the opposite of what we really want to do! But youíve got to do it if you want the results! No way around it! Good move by seeing a dietician! They should be able to help you with better eating! I know itís frustrating and rough! Just keep trying and working at it! Create a picture of what you want to be like and look like and go for it!
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