I hate it when people at aa talk politics

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I hate it when people at aa talk politics

I can't stand talking about politics, wars I don't want to hear about, it just bums me out. I realized today some people are kill joys who are so negative. they bring up conspiracy theories are up set me , scare me. they all good people but I don't want to hear about thier insane theories. I'm fragile and it really knocks me off balance to hear such pesamiatic views on life. I want to love and be kind and spend time in fellowship. why must push thier rhetoric upon everyone. it's basically one person who starts these conversations and always brings up what I call fox news fantasies. ironically I like him other than this aspect of his personality. I just wish he would just shut up about these views he has.
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Remind him that Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who come together to solve their drinking problem. It's primary purpose is to help alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
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I agree with Nez, but sometimes the AA clicky hierachy prevents newer people from speaking up. When I had issues like this, I'd go talk to the offending persons sponsor and let them handle the situation. Depending on how this person is wired, they could take it personally like you're taking his inventory so I always went above their head if it was something serious.
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Seems like Iím one of the few who can talk politics and listening to other opposing views while leaving the emotion out of it and accepting other peoples views as their choice and using it as a learning experience!

With that said I NEVER bring up politics at an AA meeting; before, during, and after a meeting! Nor should anyone else! It should be all about helping one another with a common disease - alcoholism!

Politics was an issue at one meeting I was going to! We had a group conscious meeting about it and now announce before the meeting starts that our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety and please donít bring up politics before, during, and after a meeting! Problem solved!
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Political talk is contrary to basic AA principles but inevitably some occurs anyway. Some groups and meetings are more prone to this type of thing, maybe take steps to minimize it and if those don't work think about changing to another AA environment.
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Politics and religion have no place in AA meetings. If it comes up, the Chairperson or other members need to shut it down immediately.
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Better late than never
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I'm pretty sure it's more civil than social media politics, I had to shut down all my social media pages for a while when I was in the early months of sobriety when all the summer riots were going on and the early days of covid.
With that said I'm not an AA guy but I went to enough of them to know that during group discussion that subjects like that have no place at the table. Now as far as what people are talking about before and after a meeting it can be about whatever is going on in the world or their personal lives which leaves the door open for political talk. Me personally I've just grown numb to it all now but if it's an issue with you just kindly ask them if they can change the subject or walk away from it.
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Me too, it really hurt how I felt about my group. That and the bad language, in front of people that took offense to it when it is not supposed to be permitted.
someone brought it up at a meeting and nothing was done
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voices ca**y
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People are going to talk about what's on their mind. Couple that with an appealing lack of self awareness many people have and it's annoy and trigger.

I really appreciate SR doesn't allow politics and other diversve topics. We have enough on our plates as it is.
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Politics is one of those things that can really poison a group. I had a home group that had a tendency to get very political i.e. people sharing their views on national issues, supporting particular issues or causes, cross talking people they didn't agree with on said issues. It got so bad that we had to have a group conscience and add a primary purpose statement prior to speakers and sharing. Groups have to be very careful that meetings don't get bogged down in "outside issues". There are plenty of forums and outlets for political and controversial issue discussion. Meetings shouldn't be one of them
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