grateful I was hopeless

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grateful I was hopeless

Hopelessness led to my recovery, without it wouldn't be sober. The state of Hopelessness led to an awakening of sorts that made soberity possible. it's the gift of desperation, or the magical of complete and uter dispar. I see things differently now. I'm happier now than I've ever been. nothing is as powerful as a changed mind.
i rember when i would post on this forum and marvle at individuals who had one month, and now I'm more than 7 and half months sober.
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David I can totally relate! Itís so nice to be out of that state of hopelessness! I was in it for so long when time after time I made another attempt at recovery only to drink a little while after! And when you finally get out of that and find recovery you become so grateful youíre no longer hopeless!
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Well done David 👏👏
I can totally relate too!
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Indeed! Those One day at a Times can sure Add up..
100% Beaten became Victory
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That's how I feel too. In a weird way, I'm glad things got so far out of control for me and made me realize I HAD TO STOP, because I'd hate to have limped along drinking at more reasonable amounts because even that was debilitating for me.
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