feeling so good

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feeling so good

I'm back from vacation and feeling on top of the world. I'm still sober and. I grew so much by having to relie on God to stay sober. it also really hamered home some important facts. I realized to new depths how truly powerless I am. also the the day after I returned home I saw a friend thier who wanted to get sober. man if I had drank my whole world would have come crashing down
I have zero disere to drink and feel so incredibly grateful to be sober. today I can see God working in my life. this is the most incredible feeling i have ever had. My mind is blown aa and God work maricles I also had a using dream and woke up was devastated, before I remembered it was a dream. I feel like the problem has been removed but I know I must keep mantaince of my spiritual condition.
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Nice! So good to hear that Dave!
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Glad to hear things are going so well David

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It is great to hear this!! Congrats!
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That's amazing David!
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David thatís fantastic! So glad you made it through! So glad youíre still sober! It really is worth it!
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Thanks for sharing that wonderful news, David. It sure made me smile. I'm so glad you took the steps needed to change your life.
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