The Media and Alcoholism

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Angry The Media and Alcoholism

I think the mainstream media has a lot to answer for about alcoholism. Famous alcoholics aren't portrayed as sick people damaging their health and hurting others. They are written about as wild and exciting. Think rock stars 'sex, drugs and rock and roll baby'!' . Seems like that's something to be celebrated not looked down on.

Here in the UK we had famous alcoholics like George Best, Alex Higgins and Oliver Reed. The media writes about them as exciting characters not people who suffered from a debilitating illness. They do the same now with people like Paul Gascogne.

I think it's really sad and damaging.
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Originally Posted by JaseUK View Post
...alcoholics aren't portrayed as sick people damaging their health and hurting others. They are written about as wild and exciting.

I think it's really sad and damaging.
I have read many posts here on SR where many alcoholics and addicts describe their own drinking as wild and exciting.
And for every celebrity whose drinking is glamorized, more are exposed to public derision, ridicule, or abuse. While just as many have their recovery stories told and they become role models of sorts.
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I have found that a very effective tool for dealing with the media ( especially social media ) is to not pay much attention :-).

Yes, itís sensational and many times for the wrong reasons, but thatís been the case ever since the printing press was invented.
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Nothing new really that's been going on for a long time. When I was growing up they loved to glamorize the lifestyle of Ozzy and Guns N' Roses it's what sells and people eat it up. But if you were to sit down to talk to them personally and ask them if it was worth it i'm pretty sure between their struggles, broken marriages, financial pitfalls and seeing good friends who died they would all say it wasn't worth it.
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Jase, there are many celebrities in Recovery that share their lifestyle openly. If the media is your thing (no judgement) I would encourage you to change the people you pay attention to. There are also many cautionary tales of celebrities that have gotten in trouble, or lost their lives to their addiction.

I can see past the smoke and mirrors of how glamorous they make it all look. Every dog has their day...Even Ozzy got sober
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