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Can someone motivate me?

I'm living with a girl, with a job, and trying to recover and be healthy. I've not been sober for so long, being around people and talking on the phone is a thing, again. Very stressful, which is annoying, and I know a side effect of withdrawal and increased anxiety/seclusion these past few months(stroke). Literally everybody I know either smokes too much weed or drinks too much, or some alternative. I don't want to cut my only 3 friends out of my life, but I need inspiration. I need to start going to classes where I talk about my emotions and cry and all that.

Can someone give me the generic speech, but maybe, w/out Jesus? Please?
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What kind of motivation are you looking for Arthox? They way I was able to find it myself was to start trying new things and meeting different people who do different things. It's quite difficult to be certain, but to be honest there was nothing for me with my old drinking buddies once the alcohol was not part of the picture anymore.

I find motivation in others in recovery - right here on SR. Taking time out of your day to specifically read/share with others can be very motivational when you see others making strides towards all areas of their lives due to recovery.

You mention going to classes where you can talk...that sounds like a great idea too. You might be suprised to find motivation within yourself once you start sharing.

I'm glad to hear you are sober, your previous posts here were not in a very good state and it's good news that you have made it back and in one piece.
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What is this motivation supposed to accomplish? Just a question to mull over.

SMART Recovery has a good section on building and maintaining motivation. Perhaps you could check it out.
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It is good that you are looking for motivation. This forum, other places as well. But don't forget to look inside. Because that is where motivation comes from. From within.
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