How bad were/are your cravings to drink?

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For me it is hard to distinguish between cravings and anxiety.
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Better late than never
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Can't chime in if it's the medication causing the extreme cravings but at the same time it doesn't sound to far away from how I would of acted when I had cravings kick in. I would be salivating at times just anticipating my next drink. I would wake up and within seconds would already planning my days drinking out in my head. And the sad thing was I convinced myself I wasn't that bad of a drinker all because I could hold down a job and pay bills and I always drank at home.
Cravings are just a normal part of recovery. I couldn't believe after how much of a nightmare hangover I had and the horrible withdrawals I went through that my brain would still be sending me signals to go drink. But by that time I finally had enough and was too disgusted with the damage it caused to myself that it was easier to say no to them. The last real craving I had was around month 4 that hit me pretty strong to the point it was already planning out what I was gonna get after work and that was final. But after a few minutes of reminding my self of what I went through and how far I came it went away. Sometimes my brain likes to remember the good times and starts to romanticize the past but they're fleeting and for every good memory I can think of multiple bad ones that happened.
Just hang in there It's a bumpy ride but the cravings will go away after a while.
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