Please Stay on the Sober Bus Part 42

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CK I love your Sober Bus Song

Mountainmambob, great to see you

Glad I joined the Soberbus Iím seeing faces I havenít seen in a long while.

Kevlar, veggie always a good alternative

On the Soberbus for another sober adventure.

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I'm riding, coffee in hand...
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I'm happy to have you on board Mags, you are now a Buskateer!

Count me in for a ride on the Sober Bus today ☼
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Puppy Bowl is this weekend! Get ready!!!

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I'm glad you're here too Mags. And everyone. MMBob, thanks for driving for a day. This little thread has become my One A Day, and I'm grateful you started it.


I hope everyone has a smooth day. Mizz, thinking of you. Sleep?? What's that? (It's 3:30 and I'm up for the day and already have coffee in front of me. Again)
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Originally Posted by Mountainmanbob View Post
Nice to see the Sober Bus still running.
A blessed sober day wished for all.
Hi MBob
Nice to see you!

Good morning, I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday. A nice surprise to realize it's Thursday. Had a better day yesterday and the rest of the week is looking up! It was dear daughters birthday yesterday (22), she asked for a skate board (of all things). She's also recently enrolled in university with plans on taking English & Creative writing to start.

Have a great day y'all!
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Looking forward to trying this new Coffee surup hazelnut thing, i'm kinda scared that i might like it so much that it becomes a everyday thing . Otherwise i just do some sweeteners and a splash of milk. I've been losing some of my beer belly since i've stopped drinking and coming here and my weight training is better then ever. Sounds good STDragon, a skateboard gives some exercise, i used to have one during my teens. I believe it's one of the things that keep me from falling whenever i slid on some ice walking . The whole balance thing.
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On the bus but not with coffee, today it's a whole pot of tea!

Are you suffering from insomnia too Bim? Or just an extremely early bird?

Aww, nice to see those cuties on here too Purps!

I also thought it was Wednesday for a moment this morning, it all blends together so much when I barely leave the house.

Hejsan Vik!
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On the bus... with an XXL cup of coffee and looking for a blanket to put around me....

I lost a long time friend "Doris" as she had gone to the Hospital and never came back... she was in real pain.. had lots of heart issues and had another heart
surgery just minor.... was back home for almost 3 weeks.. then had problems from her incision ...on right leg... left leg was not getting blood flow like it needed
and she had a heart attack 2 times..... Died Feb. 2, 2021...... she lived across the street from me with her daughter... she was 77 yrs old...

May Doris RIP....
Just grateful I called her often and her daughter knew that....

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Sunpen, that's extremely sad news, I'm so sorry for your loss Sending you hugs and getting you a nice and cosy blanket!
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I'm really sorry sunpengwn.
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May your beautifuI friend rest in peace dearest Pengwn. s ❤️❤️
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Sorry for your loss Sunpengwn.

On the bus, coffee in hand.

Happy riding all!
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I'm really sorry, Sun. Truly.

Good morning, Bus riders.
I almost went into another round of insomnia. Woke up at 2am, wide awake, thinking I was doomed.
Luckily I fell back asleep after about an hour. The insomnia the night before really put me "off" schedule and feeling like my life might come undone. I know that sounds drastic but my structure is so critical to my mental and emotional health. So, I think I am back on track now. .....I suffered from major insomnia a few years back and boy was I a flippin mess. This feels all to familiar.

Dear, God, the Powers that Be, Universe and everything!
Please help me to stay asleep. My mental and emotional health depend on it!
Thank you for another sober day, Mizzuno.
Also, Keep Bimini and Moutainbob asleep. We all need good sleep!

Bimini- I am sorry to hear you are up so so early. It really can be painful. I hope you have a good productive day!
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thank you kevlar (tack). sunpengwn. I believe her and her daughter knew and appreciated that. May those who have been taken from us, rest in peace.
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Yeah, sleep is elusive.

Mine is a combination of just general elevated stress due to covid, a sprained ankle, a broken car and washing machine and various other things I can't get fixed right now...usually exercise would help with insomnia but with a sprained ankle I can't really exercise.

I'm on a 6-7 hours per night kick right now. Hoping it settles back down. I just wake up every day between 1:30 and 3AM with a jolt of adrenaline - - aaaaand, I'm up.
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I'm sorry to hear that biminblue. Just think about us and the friends you have here. It tends to give me some sleep, don't focus on the bad things. Think about that when going to sleep. my mind want to focus on the negative. but i've learned to focus on the friends i have here. i can't really give advice since i'm new here.
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Thanks Vik. Your advice is as good as anyone's. I think it's just something I have to cope with for right now. It's just a very stressful time we're in - all of us.

This too shall pass.
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YIKES! That is a lot of stuff all at once. You, my friend, are doing exceptionally well. Keep on keepin on, BB!
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Sunpengwn - so sorry for your loss.
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