Drinking in public bathroom stalls

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I drank in bathroom stalls, too. I remember some outdoor gas station stalls smelling like a sewer. I was really grossed out & practically gagging, but of course I still managed to drink a few shots of whiskey before leaving.
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I remember being on a binges and having to catch a flight early the next morning for work. I would always end up in the airport bathroom chugging down the bottle of vodka before I had to go through security. Then Id hang in the bar til final boarding and then try to drink on the plane and then get to my motel and drink until I passed out and then go to work hung over really bad. I always remind myself of those days and how I no longer have to live my life like that and for that I am deeply grateful.
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Originally Posted by Dropsie View Post

I just wanted to say again how helpful this post is.

I need to remember the crazy. Unlike many here, I would love to be a normal drinker.

But I need to remember things like your post that I am not and never will be a normal drinker (or tall). Over time, we tend to forget the crazy. And it was crazy.

Thanks again,

I would also love to be a normal drinker but I can't . Thanks for the post Stayingsassy , and everyone else for reminding me of all the bad.
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Wow. I can relate to all of this. What a tortured existence it was when I was doing these things. Just torture. I am having a particularly rough day today with PAWS and reading this thread and remembering how sick I was is a good reminder of how far I have come, which is very helpful while being in a rough wave of PAWS symptoms right now. Thank you to everyone for sharing. I needed the reminder to be thankful for what I have accomplished so far in this journey.
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You know the little "click" when you open a little booze bottle?
I would cough in the bathroom cubicle to try disguise that noise.
Laughable, really.

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I never drank in a bathroom stall, but I can certainly relate to the creative ways we alcoholics found to get alcohol into our system. I'm glad I'm done with that, it was a lot of work.
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Wow, what a great thread, and now four years for you, Sassy!

I forgot that I drank in bathroom stalls. I was so ashamed I suppressed the memory. Only in the past year and a half. Never had done that before.

I don’t think there’s normal drinkers anymore that there are normal heroin users. I think all who use are on some type of continuum before they either wake up or die a horrible death, physically and spiritually.

Thanks so much for this post, and reading all the additional posts have been very educational.

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Great post, and very good ammunition for a loud AV that tries to convince you “it wasn’t THAT bad.”
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Originally Posted by RecklessEric View Post
You know the little "click" when you open a little booze bottle?
I would cough in the bathroom cubicle to try disguise that noise.
Laughable, really.
This sounds familiar, ridiculous isnít it!? I would run the kitchen water tap at full blast when cracking open beers in the morning. My husband told me not to bother, they can all hear it anyways. I still kept doing it.
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