That's a month sober!

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That's a month sober!

I hit a month sober yesterday. I can't sleep, my body still feels like I've been run over but my mental health is considerably better. I really don't miss the crippling anxiety.
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Congratulations on a month
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Congrats on a month softdrinks - month 2 was way easier for me - hope it will be for you too

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Congratulations! Please remember to drink a lot of water and rest. I hope you feel better every day.
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that's great, Softdrinks!
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sober style
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Good going, Softdrinks! Who needs those harddrinks anyway, not us.
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Congrats on the first of many sober months!
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Very nice. You are well into it now. Keep that positive effort going.
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Congratulations on a month!
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A month plus one day - well done, softdrinks. Very proud of you.
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Congrats on over 1 month sober
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Thanks everyone.
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