I didn't write it but I couldn't agree more!

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Thumbs up I didn't write it but I couldn't agree more!

"Addiction is by all measures voluntary, purposeful behavior."
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Wow, I couldn't agree less.

Addiction was by no means a voluntary and purposeful behavior for me - I'll certainly concede it was the result of my behavior, though. And I'll even agree that drinking on some level was always a choice even the times when it really and truly felt like I had no other options.

I've never ever encountered an addict who got there because that was their purpose.
And I've met and interacted with a LOT of people who are or used to be addicted.

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wondering what your point is, Lumen?
are you being deliberately provocative to see what responses might come or is this your experience, that you purposely chose addiction and/or freely chose each and every drink you had or...?
you put it in quotation marks; who are you quoting?
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oh! just read your title. i see. you couldn’t agree more. okay.
by all measures. okay. drastically extreme statement imo.
got it.
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I’d go as far to say “ self intoxication is voluntary , purposeful behavior “ Addiction is at least one abstraction level further .
Abstinence is by all measures voluntary , purposeful behavior, heavy on the purposeful.
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sober style
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My last visit to SeaWorld was porpoise-full, that's for sure.
I had a whale of a time btw.
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"Abstinence is by all measures voluntary , purposeful behavior, heavy on the purposeful."
love this, dwtbd!
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voices ca**y
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The more I learn about my own behavior and that of my fellow humans I am starting to think most of what we do is conditioned and we have little control over it. That's why I like the mindfulness technique so I feel like I have some. None of us chose the brain structure or the experiences that shaped us. I can't count the number of times I've tried to free myself from various compulsions only to fail and try to figure out why I did what I did. I feel like the behavior happens before I can even vote on it then I'm left trying to explain myself. I do appreciate the self-efficacy inherent in that statement tho. I just think it undercuts the effort, support, tools, and whatever else it takes to escape a deeply ingrained cycle. Still, it is possible to jump the tracks and change your destiny if you're an addict.
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Originally Posted by LumenandNyx View Post
"Addiction is by all measures voluntary, purposeful behavior."
I think I would amend that quote to state "Addiction is by all measures voluntary, purposeful behavior, until it's not."

By that I mean that in the early, and maybe even somewhat in the middle stages of my active alcoholism my behavior could have been considered voluntary and/or purposeful. But eventually I reached a point where even when I earnestly wanted to stop I found it nearly impossible. The only reason I said "nearly" is that eventually I was able to stop with help.
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What Grungehead said
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To some extent that may be true deep down. I take issue with purposeful. I think that the reason this is so hard to beat is because we are dealing with a very primative part of our brain. For us, quitting is survival and it is life or death. For our bodies and the primative brain, drinking is survival just like food and water. That battle is a tough one to wage but people do beat it. I know I will.
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