Reminder of my drinking days

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Reminder of my drinking days

My daughter had some heartburn tonight and asked if I had anything for it. Recently I came across a box of Omeprazole and I gave it to her. "Mom, this stuff expired in 2014." I haven't used alcohol since 2013.

I forgot I used to live with constant burning in my throat and a queasy stomach. I thought about it and I really can't remember the last time I had any stomach/acid problems.
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Yes! I was constantly feeling nauseous and awful, with terrible digestive symptoms. So glad those days are gone now. I have grown used to waking up feeling good.
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Those types of problems were certainly the norm for me in my drinking days. Plus I was always so tried which I don't experience anymore after being over two years sober. I love feeling energetic and engaged in life.
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Thanks for sharing this. I too have a messed up system from drinking and still have to use omaprezal too from time to time, not as bad as it was though thankfully.

Other things too like colds/bugs I have only had 1 since I quit drinking 2.8 years ago compared to having 1 at least every few months. Being healthy, It really is something I don't take for granted
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Thanks for posting this. I've got a hiatus hernia and I'm not sure if it was caused by alcohol or just aggravated by it, but I don't miss the waking up with a stomach pain that I couldn't shift and spending the best part of the morning retching my guts up.
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