How it used to be.

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How it used to be.

So i turn the channel to Dr. Phil and heres an alcoholic telling and showing his story with alcoholism. It brought back a lot of old memories. You know the ones, where you wake up with a splitting headache and you suddenly discovered a new injury to yourself. You can't remember how it happened. Fun stuff right? No job, wife left with the kids, drunk by 9 am. 2 dui, physically in pain. Emotionally bankrup but yet we do it ourselves everyday?
So Dr. Phil has this chart. Describes the various levels of alcohol in your blood and the effects of it on the human body. Starts at .1 and gos to .5
Nasty, nasty stuff alcohol is. so hes accepting help and thats a good thing. It could have easily killed him. That's what alcoholism is. Its a death sentence unless you quit. Don't do this half-heartely. It won't work. Never does. Ask anyone with long term sobriety how they are doing it. Halfway measures won't be one of them.
Just don't drink people. It destroys your whole way of life then it takes you out. Thats why its a disease.
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Thanks WTK

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Awesome post, Wayne.
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Thank you for this post Wayne.
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So true! I think this is something that I am learning this time around. It takes hard work and you have to put all you have into it.
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Action, massive amounts of action. Change your routine. That's just a start. So many other aspects to beating this but nothing you can't overcome. For me that's how I started to change. I had a drinking habit. You have to develop new habits to replace the old ones.
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