Fifth year of sobriety

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Fifth year of sobriety

Hello SR! I hit my five year sobriety anniversary recently. My sobriety date is 6-15-15. I remember coming to SR when I initially attempted to get sober and I look back with gratitude toward the people like Dee and least and Hawkeye13 who took time out of their day to respond to my posts and help me stay sober. It means a lot to me that SR is such an open and supportive community for people who often feel so alone, frightened, and ill.

I had never purchased my own car before and I did that last year. I moved thousands of miles away from my family of origin. Iíve been in a relationship with a woman I love for 9 months. Right now I have three employers and I am training to run my first marathon in September. Iíve still got a lot to learn and do but none of these positive things in my life would exist if I had not devoted myself to recovering from alcoholism. Although I will always be in recovery I think I can say that I have become more focused on helping others and less focused on satisfying my own selfish needs.

Recovery is transformative and I think it is important for us to give ourselves credit for wanting to live healthy, positive lives. Iíve been thinking about the Spanish I have been studying lately and I really appreciate having a clear mind today.

If someone who is struggling is reading this please remember to focus on positive actions you can take to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. I had to use AA, counseling, SR, and spiritual practices to get started on the journey toward a sober life. My slips and falls scared me but I always reminded myself that I cared about myself enough to get back up and try again. Sometimes I felt completely hopeless and alone but I still tried to believe in myself. SR helped me connect with others who showed me how to begin living a healthy life.
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congratulations Acheleus on everything!

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very cool!
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Congratulations, Acheleus!
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So many good things are happening for you - congratulations on your 5 sober years. We know how hard you worked to get to this point.
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Sobriety is Traditional
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You're living an awesome life! Best wishes for the marathon!
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Congratulations, Acheleus! It sounds like doors in your life have really opened since you got sober. That's awesome!
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Congratulations! Five years is incredible.
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Acheleus, congratulations, you are FANTASTIC.

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Hearty congrats Acheleus ! Fantastic achievement
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sober style
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Congrats on 5 years, Acheleus!
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Congrats on five years sober! It sounds like your life is going well and I'm happy for you.
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Congrats on 5 years Acheleus! I remember following your path as we both joined SR within a few months of each other. I'm so happy to hear how well sobriety is treating you.
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Originally Posted by Acheleus View Post
Sometimes I felt completely hopeless and alone but I still tried to believe in myself.
Great post Achelus
The above really hit home for me. I am still trying to believe in myself too. 5 years is a big inspiration! Congratulations on your new life it's good to hear you are doing so well.
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5 years!
That's huge. I have great respect for folks who commit to a personal cause and persevere.
Congratulations for a job very well done!
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Thank you. I drove across the western half of the US last month and I am trying to stay safe and healthy during this unpredictable time. Iíve been working a lot and focusing on improving my physical health. Iím very grateful to have five years sober. Iím starting to feel like Iím getting my marbles back.

Maybe I can start learning how to use them soon!
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You always had plenty of excellent marbles Ach

Seeing your update really makes me happy. You deserve everything you’ve earned and more
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Congratulations on 5 years! That is the longest I have ever quit and can't wait to get back up there!
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Congratulations on your 5 years! We joined right around the same time - it's always a pleasure to see that there are warriors out there maintaining their sobriety!
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Congrats on the 5 years.
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