Fifth year of sobriety

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That's awesome Acheleus! Its nice to hear stories of people who are making it long term and building a life that is better than they could've otherwise. Really gives hope to the rest of us. Congratulations and thanks for the good news!
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Thats amazing good for you.
Thanks for this it's given me a bit of hope that the same can happen for all of us x
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I honestly struggled over and over again when I first tried to quit drinking. I think we all have unique journeys and Iím not entirely sure if I felt hopeful when I tried to build a life in recovery. If you just take it one day at a time you can build some momentum. You should be hopeful about your own ability to love yourself. Sobriety is like a foundation for a stable house.

I donít know if this is relevant but I am getting a puppy with my girlfriend in a few weeks. It has brought up all kinds of anxiety in me. Itís exciting but I just never want to neglect my loved ones again like I did when I was drinking.
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What good news! Congratulations, Acheleus!
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