I dont get withdrawal symptoms from alcohol

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Also, real alcohol withdrawals often peak at day 3 (72 hours) so one thing people should be careful about is judging it based on day 1 or 2.
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I made it to day 4 with only minor anxiety and discomfort. Glad I made it through the worst part.
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thats great news Laura

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I went many years without any serious symptoms. From 16 to about 40. I’m 55 now and lucky to be alive. If you don’t quit it will get worse. Besides cirrhosis or cancer. The big danger is you can get DT’s and die. And you. Won’t know when it’s going to happen. If you can’t have one glass of wine and it leads to a bottle. Quit now.
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First day was the worst for me, and got way better as time went on... by day 2 im 70% day 3-5 90% day 6, I am a different human.

I do know the stomache bile, wont clean aged copper.... I know from experience... give how caustic it felt i collected it.... cause I am wierd LOL
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I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse.

My withdrawals nowadays are like scenes from The Exorcist.
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I drank about a fifth a day all day drinking and had very few symptoms also. Just a few days of night sweats and anxiety. Both of which I got while drinking as well from time to time. Count your blessings, and stay stopped.
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Laura...I don't know how old you are but it will take its toll. I had a dear friend whom I loved. She drank and smoked daily and had no hangover....(maybe cause she would constantly drink...don't know?). At age 47 she got pancreatic cancer. She would joke that she drank and smoked and why wouldn't she have gotten lung or liver cancer. It's all related though....I imagine she would be here to day if she would have given it. I hope you can keep up the good fight. You can do it.
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Well, I drank my entire adult life heavily. I started getting horrible withdrawals about two years ago. I stopped for 10 months last year, started again and ended with even worse withdrawal. It is awful. I am not sure if you are lucky or not by not getting withdrawal. For me that is certainly the most potent deterrent to not drink again. I am reasonably sure if I did not end with that I would still have been the same heavy drinker today. Perhaps withdrawal saved my life or at least extended it.
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Laura. Yeah, I didn't either. Until one day I felt really really funny after drinking and I knew something was badly wrong. It was an absolutely frightening feeling and after doing some research I discovered I was experiencing withdrawal. It is an inevitable consequence of long term drinking. It's just a question of when, not if.
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Originally Posted by Laura3 View Post
I know its weird. Its stopped me from quitting in the past because I thought id need pills or itd be rough but nothing but a little anxiety even after drinking every day heavily for years. Im on day 2 now and nothing
I'm not saying do this to try and see. But if you drink for a couple days all day something like a case and a half of beer in 2 days or 2 cases in 3 days, trust me, you'll see what it feels like then.
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I am am one of those people that with hindsight I believe was one fo those folks that Acheleus counseler told him about that was exposed to alcohol and it kicked the alcoholism off at 11 and I then drank for more than 40 years until I stopped. But I never had withdrawals, not even bad hangovers.

Still reeked havoc in my life and my children's though.

I know lots of people will tell you this, but I will too -- it does not matter. From what you have written in this thread alone, you would be so much better stopping. You know that.

How can we help?

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