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In UK & Europe stop the virus but still get support (stop the virus)

Whether AA, SMART or or any other therapy, in Europe they've likely been cancelled due to policies of social distancing. It sucks. The rationale being confined indoor spaces viruses spread. It's important not to go to public gatherings including group therapy meetings because of risk of transmission of the virus. Even if you're a low risk person, develop mild symptoms or no symptoms at all you could be a vector and risk infecting others (including vulnerable people).

The two reasons for social distancing are
  • You'll reduce the risk of being a carrier of the disease to vulnerable people (at risk of complications like pneumonia) like the elderly, people with medical conditions)
  • You'll do your part to slow down and hopefully stop this crisis and get these horrible policies removed

This is a bit of the topic of the original thread and alcoholism and support, but worth iterating.

Avoid touching commonly-touched surfaces in public doing shopping
Be it door handles, toilet flushers, taps (faucets), change, card reader buttons. Avoid touching these things;
  • Go to shops with automatic doors or doors pinned open
  • Only pay for items by contactless card
  • Go to public toilets with contacless taps (faucets) and flushers
The corona virus can survive 3 days on metal and plastic surfaces. If you live in Europe on one of the high risk areas, it's possible that someone who's infectious could have touched one of these surfaces. Safe not sorry. AVOID frequently touched surfaces and objects.

If you suspect you've touched a contaminated surface
When you get home;
  • Do not touch anything in the house (apart from front door handle) until you've WASHED HANDS thouroughly as per government advice
  • Clean the tap (faucet) you touched
  • Clean the door handles of front door both inside and out

@ MODs

If this thread is in the wrong forum by all means MOVE IT to a more relevant sub-forum but don't ban it. You could regret it if you ignore the advice, being a mod doesn't make you immune. If a loved one develops symptoms, or complications (or you end-up infecting one due to being complacent, and that gets passed on to a vulnerable older person). Look at the bullet lists.
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We're not 'banning' (or unapproving) general information threads.
That would be a dereliction of duty, really Vulcan.

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The same advice is being given in the US, although a lot of people do not have contactless cards. I think I can make my iPhone a contactless card. Another one a lot of people don't think about are the nozzles on gasoline pumps. Some people use a rag or use gloves. Elevator buttons are extremely dirty. I use my car key to press a button.
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