A week today

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A week today

It was a week ago that the old me went to bed Saturday night, and the new me woke up Sunday morning with the decision that I was done drinking. Today will be my 7th day sober.

I mentioned on another post I made that this past week I went to a clinic and had some blood work done and that test results showed I had low vitamin d, low testosterone and high liver enzymes. On Thursday the clinic had me come back to do more blood work, this time focusing only on my liver.

That clinic called me yesterday and said that second test result showed no hepatitis in the liver and no other issues with the liver. Tomorrow I go back to the clinic to discuss everything.
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Congratulations on a week. Things will only get better.
I hope your tests come back well.
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Hope your tests are good.
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Thanks, test results already came in.

On Tuesday I had two vials of blood taken, that showed I was low on vitamin D and low on testosterone and then obviously high liver enzymes. The clinic called me Wednesday with those results, and because of the high liver enzymes they wanted me to come back in so they could take more blood, this time focusing on the liver. They wanted to test for things like hepatitis, liver function, etc...

The clinic called me yesterday with those results, no hepatitis, infections or anything else. Other than high liver enzymes, they said the liver was functioning okay.

I go back tomorrow for an appointment to basically see about getting my vitamin D and low testosterone levels back up, and I know they said they would probably have me come back in a month so they recheck my liver enzymes.

So it seems so far, all is okay.. just needing to get my levels back to normal which I think will happen as the body heals.
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Hi, how'd the blood tests go?
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Well done on a week 😊
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Congrats on the week and the better than expected results DO

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Congrats on the first week, Devious!
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Hope Week 2 is going even better Devious!
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