The Magic of Sobriety

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The Magic of Sobriety

Here's a few that comes to mind....

You donít have trouble falling asleep
You have dreams Ė not nightmares
You wake up feeling good and looking forward to your day
You know you did nothing stupid the previous day
You donít cringe about the texts you sent on your phone last night
Your body doesnít have that sour smell
There's still money in your wallet
You donít have to stand two yards away from people when you talk, afraid they can smell the booze on your breath
You donít have to wonder if youíre slurring your words
You donít have to lie about why your hand shakes when you sign something
Youíre amazed at the amount of energy you have
Using your brain isnít an effort; youíre actually surprised at how b***** clever you really are...

Post yours, and letís see how many bits of magic we can come up withÖ
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Wonderful relief that I have no fear anymore, mainly about withdrawals and how I'm going to be able to obtain alcohol to stop them. It's BLISS :-)
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I don't have to remember where I hid my stash of cans & bottles, then worry about sneaking them out of the house to put in a random dumpster...

Man, life is just so much EASIER sober!
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Not looking like an alcoholic. Clear skin, eyes. And yes, not worrying about who around you can smell last nightís whiskey. Being able to drive anywhere at any time not having to call a taxi or get a lift. Quiet confidence is oneís actions and decisions. A sense of achievement. Giving up oneís favorite hobby and companion and crutch is hard.
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Love these practical examples of the magic! Such freedom in our daily lives when none of this stuff is dragging us down - and lots of stuff is buoying our good life.

I'll add a few mental and emotional ones -
I don't create (as many) dramatic scenarios.
I am better at acting not reacting - learning that I can't control my first thought, but can my second thought and first action.

I am much less selfish and I am more aware of how my behavior impacts others.

That freedom to be who I am and not have it muddled with alcohol!
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I have more time.

I don't waste time driving around to different stores to buy booze.
I don't waste time drinking and trying to reach a desired state of euphoria.
I don't waste time the next day trying to recover from my drinking.

I don't waste time trying to remember what happened the night before.
I don't waste time trying to remember where I hid booze and stuff from the night before.
I don't waste time trying to think of things to say to people in an effort to hide my problem.
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Its amazing how much energy I put into buying liquor, smuggling it in the house, keeping it hidden.... and then hiding the drinking part plus disposing of the empties. I'm 2.5 weeks into it and I'm still shocked at all the extra time I have in the evenings.
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Originally Posted by shortstop81 View Post

Man, life is just so much EASIER sober!
I agree.
It's not easy but definitely easier.
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I am able to look after my dogs properly with regular walks, food and cuddles.

The recycling bin no longer makes the noise of shame when emptied by the bin men.

I can drive anytime without worrying if I am over the limit.

My liver no longer hurts.

I am no longer a bloated mess.
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I hear you about the liver, Kaily. Mine still huts - it probably will for another few months. I hope it gets better. Bloated with fluids? I began passing a really large amount of water after about the first ten days. Something you don't mention is the blotchy looking face; gods- I was scared to look in a mirror. But that, as well, gets better for me. Every day.
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I can trust a fart again 😂

I don't wake up thinking about suicide.
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