8 years today and a world of difference

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8 years today and a world of difference

Today I am 8 years sober and clean from alcohol and any other mood altering substance.

Quiting drinking was the hardest thing I ever did but the reward is more than what I could have ever imagined. 8 years ago today I woke up to my parents confronting me on how ashamed they were of me and how disappointing I was. I was 26 years old, never finished college, unemployed, recently moved back with my parents after my exgf threw me out of her house, going bald, huge loser. I was at rock bottom. I went from a college baseball player to a liar and a thief. I had stolen my parents credit card the night before to fund my bar tab. The next day my parents confronted me and it was time I surrendered and went to AA. AA was good for me the first year of sobriety as I was basically learning to live again. I was so scared in the meetings but I forced myself to go twice a week. I forgot who I really was without alcohol and my higher power, the controller of the universe, helped me especially in the beginning find myself again. I had to basically remove all my “friends” and start over. I went back to college and really focused myself on science and got a degree in geology. I spent many depressed and lonely nights studying and reading posts on SR to stay strong. I used to read every night on here and I can’t explain how much it helped me.

Today I am a geologist with a hot wife and 2 kids. We just bought a lakefront home and own 2 cars. 8 years ago I never would have dreamt I would one day make it to this point. I promise if you put the work in on yourself it is worth it. Please stay strong and focused my friends.

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thanks for the update grateful850 - and congratulations!!

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Congrats on 8 yrs sober and what sounds like a good life.
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Thanks for taking the time to post. Your kind of success story is always so heartening to hear esepcially for young people trying to stop and feeling left out.

I dont know exacly when I stopped the last time, but it is about 5 years ago and I started my journey before you did and am much older, just took longer to get it right. I certainly had an issue from the time I was 26, just took another 26 years to address it!

So happy for you.
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Wow, what a story. It should serve as an inspiration for anyone struggling with addiction.
Congratulations on eight years, man. You are awesome. And should be very proud of yourself.
Thanks for sharing your story of addiction and recover. That's what it's all about and you are excelling at it.
Your post made my day. Best to you.
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Congrats! Thank you for the inspiration.
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Awesome grateful850

Very proud to read your post.
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Congratulations!! That's awesome!!!
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Now that's a Christmas story! 8 years sober, wife and kids, prospering in work and the world. Grateful850, your life is a tremendous testament to the power of sobriety, the way it frees us up, unleashes all the power we have to do good in the world. I wanna be like you when I grow up as they say hahaha. Good going.
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Congrats on eight years!
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