day 4 starting out worse

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day 4 starting out worse

it seems as though symptoms are kicking in stronger.

what should I drink and eat for nausea? what would help with foggy, spaced out head?

thank you for suggestions
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I ate anything and everything. Bland foods are good for nausea - grilled cheese sandwiches, ginger ale, crackers. Mashed potatoes, oatmeal.

It just took time for all the symptoms to go away.
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Hi Nibor,
Good for you sticking this out, you can do it!
I agree with bimini, bland foods, eat what you can, and it should start to get better soon.
I drank lots of water, and gatorade type drinks (as we can tend to have depleted minerals due to things like dehydration or malnutrition) lots of saltine crackers, toast with some butter. I kept anti-nausea meds nearby, and gingerale. Kept things dim and quiet, and slept a ton to let my body recuperate.
Also, warm baths, especially with epsom salts can be very helpful, for relaxation and for cramping muscles (I would get them so bad whenever I detoxed).

I am not quite 3 weeks in and I still get the foggy, spaced out head. Just take it slow, take it easy, rest lots. It should resolve itself over time.
Try to be patient, and give yourself a pat on the back 4 days is a great start, you are doing awesome!
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Gatorade & more Gatorade, baths, NO caffeine, walks, sleepy time tea, also grilled cheese was my go to. It is a slow treat yourself good and be patient. Best Wishes
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