So past being able to drink....

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So past being able to drink....

I physically couldn't drink if I wanted to. I've lost 35 lbs. since January and I'm a fit dude, or was. Now I'm a skeleton. I ate ham the night before last with a little cranberry juice and water. I'm thinking that has to be safe regardless of any diet. Here, 30 hours of sweating, puking, etc. with wild hallucinations, I'm finally back on Earth. I'm terrified. I've been to loads of doctors and had loads of tests done but none of them show anything. I'm waking up each day with my body temp at 94 degrees. All of my medications seem to create this intense pressure in my stomach. They all make it worse. I'm having to move my house and I can't manage moving my body in this state. Every little sound is amplified by x2000. A cat rubbing on my leg is hell.

Does this sound like anything to anyone? I'm about to admit myself to the hospital or die. Relationships don't matter anymore. Sex doesn't matter anymore. Hiking doesn't matter anymore. I'm just trying to keep breathing, literally.

I'm a freezing cold, sober, shaking ball of human flesh.
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Hey Arthox, I'm sorry you are having such an awful time of it. I'm no doctor but I reckon phoning for help would be a good idea. Is there someone who could take you to A&E to get you checked out? And to stay with you? xx
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That sounds serious. If I were you, I'd go to the hospital right away.
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Originally Posted by Gabe1980 View Post
Hey Arthox, I'm sorry you are having such an awful time of it. I'm no doctor but I reckon phoning for help would be a good idea. Is there someone who could take you to A&E to get you checked out? And to stay with you? xx
I'm seeing doctors. It's a waiting thing, but I've got most major tests done and nothing conclusive. Also, I'd be poor. I can't afford to see a doctor each time this happens. I've got people checking on me every so often. My biggest fear is choking myself out on my own puke at 3am, or what feels like me destroying my internal organs. Yeah.
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Are you detoxing? Or, been sober awhile?

Sounds like the flu, maybe try bland food. Plain rice, soup broth, crackers...

I wish you well
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That doesn’t sound good Arthox. I would highly recommend a visit to the emergency room. Please keep us posted.
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If doctors can't find anything wrong with you and you aren't withdrawing anymore. I'm wondering if this is a reaction to your meds or your combination of them.

My 79 year old father went to the ER 7 times in the last 3 months and they couldn't find anything wrong with him but he was loosing consciousness every time he walked.

Turns out it was his meds.

However, this wasn't something the drs offered up, it was a question that was asked!! go figure!

I truly hope you feel better soon.

I'll say a prayer for you.
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I recently had a relapse after two months, but that was days ago. That could be it, but this seems inconsistent with alcohol consumption. I think I'm just going to eat cooked vegetables and start working on a huge checkbox of things I can and can't eat and the medications I'm taking. Man, this timing is horrible. Setting up a side business, moving, and I can barely stay conscious or think proper.
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I'm not diagnosing but I can share my experience.

As I drank for more and more years it took me longer to get over my withdrawals, Arthox.

I used to be able to be ok after a day, then 3 the end it was more like 10 days.

Sounds like you could use some medical attention right now tho, regardless of the cause.

Is rehab an option?

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I'm sorry for what you're going through and your frustration at not getting any answers. It could be a prolonged result of withdrawals and your body is still adjusting. If you don't improve, I hope you consider going to the ER in order to get help.
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How large was your last binge?
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