getting through early sobriety.

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getting through early sobriety.

I was driving home from dropping my daughter off for school and I started to think about booze.

Not what I miss, but what I don't miss....that's an incredible 180 degree turn from where my brain was wired a couple of years ago.

I don't miss..

disappointing my wife
being a s#itty father
my parents hating me
my brother hating me
my friends wanting nothing to do with me
having no goals
neglecting bills
neglecting health
my heart racing
sweating all the time
no appetite
being tired constantly
no self respect
body jerks
losing faith
losing myself

I don't miss any of it. Yet...for so many years this must have been all I wanted because this is everything that came with my addiction.

There's no rationalizing or out thinking this illness. Settling for any of that should ever be ok with anyone.

This is why we fight through the cravings and the horror of early sobriety. Because those things go away the longer you don't drink.

The longer you don't drink, the more work you put into working on yourself, the better things get.

I don't exactly remember when it was, but one day, the fighting through the cravings stopped. The mood swings eased...the peace started to show through and I became a happy person again.

It gets better. Down right awesome at times.

Have a good day fam.

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All of these things spell out "insanity".

I no longer behave as if I have a death wish.
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This is a great post - thank you BullDog!

I'm looking for peace. Believing that peace will come. Your post gives me even more hope, Thank you xx
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Beautiful list.

I can completely relate.

What continues to be amazing to me is that life truly just keeps getting better.
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sober style
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It truly is madness, what we do to ourselves with that poison. And then hold onto it for dear life when it's really just sure death! The paradox would be delicious if it weren't so lethal.
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Alcoholism isn't a rational disease. Even though I knew I shouldn't drink I did anyway. What worked was AA and learning to not drink one day at a time. Everything else was beyond me, I only knew I could get through the day.
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wonderful post! Thank you.
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