Woke up thinking I had been drinking

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Woke up thinking I had been drinking

What a scary feeling, I had a dream last night that I was drinking . I remember vividly that I drank one glass of beer and didn't realize it was beer. Not sure how that was possible. Then I agonized for the rest of the dream if that was a relapse or not. What a horrific dream. I'm kind of surprised since I haven't had any dreams like that since I was newly sober five years ago.
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Sounds like the classic anxiety induced "Final exams" dream where I fail and don't get into the University of my choosing! It surfaces about once a year. Glad to hear this is the first occurrence in five years. That's comforting to know.
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I can relate! I a man not as far along with you, here at two and a half years, but just the other day a friend was sharing his recent drinking dream at I think eight years. I have one from just a few months in I don't think I will ever forget, and one from a year and a half or so that was kinda funny, not completely terrifying like the first I mention, yet still...notable. Can't say how grateful I am to wake up sober!
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I had a drinking dream the other night actually and it is an odd feeling waking up and being aware that you dont drink, but in the dream you were certainly drinking. I remember glass after glass of watered down gin and tonics and an inability to get drunk, the dream was literally just me, sitting at a table, drinking watery g&t's. Very strange. This happened just a few nights ago but hasn't happened for months before that.
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Sober 26 years and have a drunk dream from time to time and they're never enjoyable.
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Yes, those kinds of dreams are common, even many years into sobriety. But then again, having bad dreams/nightmares is just a part of life - and the subject is not always about drinking either.
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I have them on a semi regular basis. It makes sense I’d have them. Being drunk half my waking hours for years was a big part of my life. Why wouldn’t I think about that as I sleep? But it’s only in the same category as my dreams of being back in high school or seeing dead loved ones, just my brain thinking back on my memories.
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I woke up overnight feeling hungover again.

It's not happened for a couple of weeks, but it does take some self re-assurance that you didn't touch the stuff.
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