Double Diagnosis?!

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Double Diagnosis?!

I had my appointment yesterday with the therapist/counselor at our local mental health out-patient center. Pretty new experience for me. I thought for sure they would rail-road me through and I was wrong. She spent almost and hour and a half with me. We talked about a lot, many, many questions. My addiction came up as well. A few questions made me squirm a bit, but in the end it was good to talk to someone who was there to help and not judge.

Came out with a diagnoses of bi-polar 2, which didn't surprise me at all. We talked about meds and as of now, I am planning to use diet and exercise to control things since it appears to be working well with my alcoholism. She was okay with that approach, provided I am seen again in three months.

This is all really new to me. In a sense I am relieved, and yet I haven't digested it all yet. My wife and the older children know and that's about as far as its gone so far. I'm holding back on this info at the moment due to the perception my wife's family has toward mental health issues (its pretty poor!).

Just thought I'd share.
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It seems to be getting more and more common to have a few mental health issues when we finally climb out of hell.

Good on you for taking responsibility in adressing it. It takes a lot of willingness and courage to stay in the solution.
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I'm finding out in a hurry that many of the same tactics I used to maintain my sobriety can be used to control this as well. So I've been around this block before... sort of.
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There is a lot of research out there, plus plenty you will hear about in AA and such, about dual diagnosis of depression, anxiety, bipolar one and two, BPD...with alcoholism.

My mom is bipolar two and an alcoholic. I have come to understand my lifelong anxiety (not a diagnosis of GAD officially) as central and intertwined with my alcoholism. While in the worst of my drinking, I also fit almost all criteria of Borderline.

In short, my experience is that those BPD symptoms and behaviors have all but disappeared in sobriety , leaving essentially my "basic personality" which has highs and lows v being a more externally even person, as just one generalization . I do take meds as maintenance, basically, but honestly focus on my program, and he stuff you mentioned like healthy habits and self care, etc, as keys to maintaining stability.

A great counselor or for me, psychiatrist who does therapy as well as meds and has an expertise with addiction, is crucial.

Best to you and good job on keeping an open mind about a Dianosis which can be tough to get in some ways. Take good care.
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