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Many years ago I was a smoker. I smoked 2 packs a day. I hated that addiction and I had tried to quit cold turkey 3 times, but the cravings overcame my resolve. In the end, I quit almost accidentally and when I realized how my smoking had changed, I learned that addictions may be as unique as is the addict.

While there are well documented signs and symptoms of addiction common to most, there are also differences among addicts. The ways in which addiction is unique are in the circumstances that causes one to cross the line, the daily habits that are needed to keep using the substance, the extent of denial and secrecy, the effect it has on your daily life and relationships (in other words, the things you miss out on and the relationships you injure), and also the extent to which your health is affected.

So given that addiction is not as universal as some characterize it, there has to be different paths to abstinence and recovery....whatever works is the best way. At the same time, we can speak to the commonalities within this wonderful group and we can support each other over the issues in sobriety.

When I quit smoking, I gradually (over a 6 month period of time) changed the places I would smoke, and the time of day that I would smoke. I bought new carpet and wouldn’t smoke in that room. Then I bought a new car and wouldn’t smoke in it. Then my workplace banned smoking. I went to bed one night and couldn’t fall asleep and I realized that I had not smoked the entire day! I only bought 2 more packs of cigarettes after that.

I realize alcohol is’s mind altering. I tried cutting down drinking the same way that I did smoking, but it was too easy for me to overindulge (no matches, no smoke, less consciousness). However, some of the lifestyle changes I made when I quit smoking , I am making in my early phase of sobriety in hopes that it will take my thoughts from alcohol -especially on the tough days. I hope it helps and I’m glad I found this forum. Lastly, If there is such a thing as an addictive personality, perhaps I have it...maybe that deserves deeper thought?
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Old habits die hard.

Keep it going. Whatever works, works - right?

I changed a lot of things in my life to stay sober. Now it's pretty effortless, but in the beginning it definitely took focus and effort. Mindfulness.
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