Day One Again-Feeling Sick

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Day One Again-Feeling Sick

Been heavily binge drinking for months. Had to have a platelet transfusion in late May and still continued to drink because I haven't had the courage to give it up. I've been petrified to see a doctor but I've decided to call this morning. I really need to know how sick I really am,
It's hard with no job or insurance.

I had 1/2 of a bottle of wine left from yesterday and just poured it out because I wanted to drink it already. I have medication to help with detox and I know this won't be easy.

My plan is going to AA and posting here. I seemed to be doing better a few months ago and just spiraled wayyyy out of control.

So I know you guys are always here. And thanks for the support. I've been feeling very depressed lately which makes it hard to do anything.
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I’m glad you have medical supervision and a plan for support. You can do it! One day at a time. Don’t let your fears get in the way of doing what you need to do. As for the depression.....I’m sure alcohol is not the answer. You’ll be feeling better soon. Best wishes!
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I'm glad you're back Marissa. I hope you can make this time, your time

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Meetings sound like a good plan.

Good job pouring it out.

You can do this.
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Welcome back Marissa, glad to hear you are planning to see your doctor and spend more time her, hit some meetings. I was scared as could be and my health was failing too before I quite for good. Our bodies and minds have a tremendous ability to recover, but even then we can only take so much. I'm very glad you are here.
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I'm glad you're here, Marissa.

I hope that your depression clears up as you stop drinking.
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Originally Posted by Marissa41 View Post
Had to have a platelet transfusion in late May and still continued to drink because I haven't had the courage to give it up.
I don't think it takes courage to quit. It takes moving forward with the fear. Giving up alcohol can be scary. But it takes some sober time to realized you were scared for nothing.
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I missed the 12:15 meeting but there's one at 8 tonight. I should have dinner done way before then. I swear only 12 hours in now and it's already bad.

Also got pulled over by a motorcycle cop this morning. I thought maybe I was speeding but he just didn't see my daughter's seatbelt because she was wearing camo clothes and we're short so it was low. So glad I poured out the wine this morning!
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Welcome back Marissa,

Good job on pouring the wine. I hope you stay strong and don't buy more.

Being unemployed is a tough situation on its own and it can trigger depression and misery. If you add alcohol to that it will get really bad.

I think support is a great idea AA for your alcohol issues and maybe an online support groups for people who are unemployed. There is something healing about being with others who are in your same situation.

Best of luck,
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Support to you Marissa.
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We're glad you're here with us, Marissa.

AA has certainly worked well for me.

I highly recommend it.
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I can't even seem to make 24 hours! I didn't drink a lot but I did. I'm disappointed in myself but today is a new day. I accomplished a lot yesterday but didn't make the late meeting.
Trying again today and made a doctor's appointment for early next week.
Slept really good last night because I haven't slept all week. So forward we go!

Someone told me the closed AA meetings were a little better than the open ones. I'm sure any meeting is good but does anyone have an opinion on that?

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Closed meetings are for alcoholics only - open meetings are for anyone, friends family etc.

I think any kind of meeting could help you right now Marissa.

You need a plan of action, and you need to follow it through? (What exactly is a recovery plan?)

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How did your meeting go Marissa?

If you're struggling to get through the door of yiur first one maybe try making phone or email contact first. That made all the difference for me.

Regarding whether a closed or open meeting would be best, I would say, whichever one is soonest!

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AA saved my life; if I can quit drinking (magnum of wine daily for years) then anyone can. I couldn't do it on my own and needed the support of other alcoholics. So glad you're on the right track!!
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