199 days today, this has been quite the journey!

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199 days today, this has been quite the journey!

Tomorrow will be 200 days since I had a drink.

At the beginning I didn't think I'd make it to 2 days so I have surprised myself to be honest. Biggest win recently was that I had a full week off work, this would previously have been my excuse to drink. A lot.

I can honestly say that it never even entered my head to have a drink for the whole week, and that is huge for me.

The last 200 days have been very bumpy, lots of lows with some highs, and I don't yet feel as well in myself as I hoped I would at this point. But I am on the right road, and I am not turning back.

Goos luck to everyone out there going through their own thing!
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Thats great news Sherlock - congrats
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Congratulations....big milestone tomorrow!
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Fantastic news Sherlock, congrats! Glad to hear you are continuing to work on all areas of your life too, it will definitely get better over time.
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Beautiful job. Sobriety is the way.
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Great post, thanks for sharing!! Kudos to you on 200 days!! Great job!!

You’re on the right road, keep driving slow and steady and enjoy the scenery!!

Wishing you the best!! Keep up the good work!!!
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Awesome! I love hitting the 100s- keep going!!
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Congrats on 200 days! That's fantastic!
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Wow that’s amazing.
Things will take as long as they take. The main thing is you are getting better.
Keep going you’re doing fantastic .
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Congrats! For me, 100 days was a bigger deal than 4 months. Keep moving forward.
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