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Anyone else suffer from this? I think it's a huge factor that has contributed to my alcoholism. I get offended much more easily than a lot of other people, and even minor stressful situations can send my head spinning. I had one of those situations at work today. I could feel my heart beating super fast, my face go red, and just this awful anxiety. In the past I would have gone straight to the store after work and numbed it with you-kn0w-what..but then the problem continues later on after temporary relief, and so does the viscious cycle.

I think feel more embarassed about being hypersensitive too 'cause I'm a guy. People just tell me to get a thicker skin and stop fretting so much...ahh. "Jeeze just man up and get over it". So much easier said than done. Yeah i'll just re-wire my simple...not.
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I was hypersensitive., For a long time I never felt I was treated with the respect I thought I deserved so I was always hyper aware of people 'having a go' at me....and my list of things I needed a dink for definitely got longer the more years I drank.

I was very much into external valdiation - cos I gave myself no internal validation....deep down I was very hard on myself....[retty much self hatred.

When I got sober, I had to change that, I had to spend tiome with mysaelf and see that I wasn't such a bad guy.

I had to challenge the old negative self talk and replace it with positive messages and self affirmations.

Challenging negative thinking | Australia

Negative Self-Talk: 9 Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic

Challenging Negative Self-Talk | Psych Central

Positive thinking: Reduce stress by eliminating negative self-talk - Mayo Clinic

Change Your Inner Talk From Negative To Positive

no its not simple, but it's easier with some kind of road map.

I began to trust my gut again. Over time the internal validation became the new default and when someone did say something or do something I might have resented in the past I was able to see that either they were being unfair and it was their problem, or that they had a point and I needed to fix something.

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I was hypersensitive to people questioning me about my drinking but other than that no.

I never needed a reason to drink. Happy, sad or bored were a good enough reason the get the alcohol flowing.
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Alcoholics as a generalization are hypersensitive people. I sure was, and part of my recovery has been (and continues to be) accepting ideas like it's not about me (so, what I perceive as criticism my well not be)...and other stuff my AA program has taught me.

For me, sensitivity connects to fear and also to victim hood. I didn't see that second connection while I was drinking but in recovery have accepted it was very true.

Worrying about others can't be on my agenda, though that's not always easy!
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I have been diagnosed with rejection sensitivity as part of my bipolar depression. It's kept me from doing a lot of things in my life and definitely kept me in the drink for far longer than I should have. I think it's also part of the reason why sedatives (alcohol/benzos) are my DOC. It numbs the fear.

Feeling it now, strongly, as I start a new career. I keep working the cognitive thoughts that recognize that the rejection thoughts are not rational, and this works for a time.

The negative thoughts, fear, trembling and extreme stomach butterflies/nausea are worst at night and before I get out of bed.

I have a pretty in-your-face and sometimes outrageous communication style which I think I've evolved to help counter this fear of rejection.
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Thanks for the input guys. And Dee thank you so much for those links...very helpful!
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Working on my issue with alcohol has a huge side benefit. It helpes to lessen my hypersensitivity issues.
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I am hypersensitive to outward sensations like to sound, smell, light, touch. Which was part of the reason for my drinking too. I simply had to numb my senses at bars or social events because all the noises and smells would overwhelm and stress and distract me so much.
I am trying to find a good way between avoiding them when I can so I don't feel too stressed out all the time and to also find better ways to deal with it.
I guess you can deal with that similarly not matter what it is that you are sensitive about. Try and not expose yourself to it too much while at the same time learning to deal with it better. So if there are people who are treating you in ways that trigger you maybe talk to them or avoid them for a while if possible. And see how you can maybe distance yourself from the things they say and find ways to stay mindful even in those stressful situations.
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The Buddhist practices involving detachment and mindful meditation might help you develop a healthy sense of distance from overly loud/bright/intense/stressful triggers.
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