Smoking cannabis and staying sober

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Sounds like you aren't sober. You don't drink alcohol but you are smoking pot and altering your mind and that's not sobriety. That might be fine for you and maybe not drinking is what you are after. My brother in law doens't drink but isn't sober because he smokes pot. He very plainly states he doesn't drink and leaves it at that. He will not say he's sober because he's not and he's fine with that. My goal is complete sobriety so I don't take anything that affects me from the neck up.

Now if you have a prescription from a doctor for the dope and use it as prescribed than you might have an argument for your case. Sounds like you not only have no prescription but also use it for recreational purposes, at a concert, so I would say you should tread lightly.

All that said, I have not been in a health position where pot might make me feel better. If you really use it for that purpose and it makes your life better than who am I to say what's right or wrong? Like I said, say you don't drink and leave it at that.
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I used to smoke years ago but stopped for the sake of my lungs. I can't see how inhaling it into your lungs can be good for them.
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Minnesota is kinda of a restricted state regarding medical use but I hear it's changing there.

I'm personally a medical user and I was able to give up a hefty opioid Rx 4.5 years ago.

It's not like alcohol for me and it didn't help or hinder my alcohol recovery. I've been involved in the medical scene for a while and used to be a caregiver for a few patients.
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I don't smoke myself, I never liked the high compared to the drunk. But, I used to grow lots of weed (I'm in Colorado) and worked for a grow op. There are lots of benefits to THC and CBD and I personally don't have an issue with Marijuana at all. My doctors always told me, if it was healthy and makes you feel better, then do it. Marijuana isn't that unhealthy, the smoking can be so maybe injest it.
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Medicinal marijuana can be very, very effective. Symptoms from cancer or chemotherapy can be severe and life altering. Generally, it is worth giving marijuana a try over opioids or going back to alcohol to self medicate pain, nausea or other sx. Since its legalization for medical use in my state I've observed hundreds of people gaining benefit from its use in many different ways.

But as an alcoholic, you should keep in mind that medical use and recreational use are two different things that must be carefully considered. Much of the onus will most likely be placed on you because rather than an rx or formal instruction on this substance doctors will say "go ahead and try it" and then drop the issue because it carries legal ramifications.

so consider carefully what getting high means in sobriety, regardless the source. And don't forget that cannabis oil has no THC and is equally effective medically as smoking bud. So ask yourself if you are treating symptoms, or partying. I think as an addict these are important questions to think about.
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