My brother 's keeper

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Originally Posted by Berrybean View Post
That's a shame.

I remember, when I was still drinking, that I felt like a lie to tell someone what they 'needed' to hear wasn't really a lie, but being kind and protecting them. Of course, I know that ain't so nowadays, but I suspect it's pretty common thinking for alcoholics who are still drinking.

Another possibility is that, as you have suspected, there may be some dementia there. Thing is, until he gets sober you're not gonna know which if is.

Have you considered going to some AlAnon meetings yourself. You're definitely one of those double-winners after all.

Hugs to ya.

Thanks BB for the AlAnon suggestion. I'm so wrapped up in my own sobriety that I have been selfish in that respect. I need to drive the two hours and take my brother to a meeting or have a long talk wit him as I'm thinking at this point, he may need rehab before trying to do it alone. I'll check into some rehab centers in the area to see what's available. He has a little dog that he will not leave so that could be a problem too.
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I agree with Berrybean. I lied often. I never thought I was clever for getting over on some one. I never feeling disrespect for anyone. I wanted people to stop worrying about me. In the end, the lying & deceiving was one of the reasons I wanted to get sober - I was so exhausted from trying to keep my stories straight. It sounds like he's ready to do this - but is having a rough time taking the big step. I can relate.
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