First sober mother's day in awhile

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First sober mother's day in awhile

Not exactly easy.

Drinking sure covers up a lot.

Hope everyone had a good day.
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Stay strong Sassy, drinking just sucks. It puts an ugly mask on pretty faces and fixes nothing.

Have a great week!
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My whole family was drinking for Australia on Mothers Day too. Weird but hey whatever.

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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
My whole family was drinking for Australia on Mothers Day too. Weird but hey whatever.

I'm sorry dee. Yeah I skipped out on get togethers because it's all about women and champagne. Stayed home but it was just such a different kind of holiday. I went to the nursery, bought a bunch of plants and spent the day tucking them into the ground.
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Everyone except me and the young children were drinking on Mother's Day. A couple kind of got out of hand, several were slurring and a guy made a pass at me. I'm so glad I wasn't drinking! It was so nice to not have any regrets the next day!
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Same here Sassy. I hosted a brunch with my Mom and Sisters too, I told my sister to bring her own champagne if she wanted mimosas as I had only bought sparkling grape juice. She did bring her own and drank almost the whole thing herself. I was very relieved to not be a part of that. Mimosas especially gives me such a headache!
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Sassy, congratulations.
there is nothing "real" you are missing out on.
the plants you chose and planted will grow each day and develop through all kinds of weather, bringing you ongoing reward.
kinda like sobriety
you're taking care of both.
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I am old enough to remember mother's day as a kid. It was NOT as alcoholic as it is now. We had brunches and often there was just orange juice and coffee and no one got in a fuss about it.

My mother never drank much, so that has a lot to do with it but for those who aren't gaining on age 50 in the next couple years I'm telling you, life in general was not this boozy. Women got together for lunch, not to get drunk on several bottles of wine. At Christmas my parents drank maybe one hot toddy here and there. People drank but drinking was not the point. At Halloween we decorated and my parents would get some bud light to go with pizza while entertaining trick or treaters, a 12 pack to a crowd of friends. There was beer and we all had one or two (my late teens) but again it wasn't parents getting dressed up to go party and get drunk.

I think when women started ramping up drinking in western culture suddenly everything became about drinking. It became kind of a feminist act. back when women didn't drink much, women led functions and family time held more sacred space for kids and grandparents. Now It's just party time all the time and it makes me sad.

It's not normal folks, we are just stuck in the middle of it.
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