some thoughts on my sobriety six months later

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some thoughts on my sobriety six months later

Hi everyone. I finally broke down and bought a new tablet. After reading one excellent book (a tree grows in brooklyn) I struggled to find another one as good and found myself drifting back to the internet. So here I am for a bit.

At this point in my sobriety, I do not think about drinking at all. Enough so when I invited my parents for easter, I suddenly realized at the last minute that they might want champagne, and despite it being one of my favorites as an active alcoholic, we have had a bottle sitting in the garage fridge since Christmas and I blandly see it when I look out there but forgot it was there. As it turns out with my sobriety front and center they had no interest in drinking at my house. My husband drinks at night, always after nightfall so I just dont see him drinking. I have ditched all friends who drink heavily, I still interact with those who have more interesting lives that don't always have to involve drinking, so that we can talk cross fit or running or gardening or travel.

I have crafted a life that almost quite literally has no visions of drinking, no references to drinking and no talk about drinking. It is lovely, that part of it. It's more peaceful than you could ever imagine. Maybe this separation from drinking in my sensed environment will not last, but as someone who lived bathed in alcohol and all its degrading horror scene consequences, I give myself that now. The freedom to not engage. The freedom to leave if I smell it or see it or have to sit with people who are doing it. Honestly if you can manage to do it this way? Every single day feels like a sober retreat or vacation, especially since now the presence of mind and energy levels make it possible to make the environment a nicer one.

My daughters do not drink..aged 21, 19 and 12, and for this short but blissful period of time they are with me until they are fully launched for good, one finishing up a degree at a four year locally and one about to transfer to one. I realize what a short but sweet moment in time this is and I'm grateful for every sober moment of it. So I am not lonely. I am also spending time with my parents, one who is winding down in life with tired kidneys and heart and one who cares for him, so it's good to be there for him.

Still working on myself, figuring out what feeds me and what I consider fun. I see glimmers with the excitement of cross fit and the fulfillment of planting flowers and the joy of spending time with family. But I'm not there yet and overworking myself is always an issue.

Six months of sobriety has passed and by some miracle I was simply ready to quit this time after countless years of trying, hundreds of aa meetings, a stint in outpatient rehab, and too many times where I quit but always felt deprived from alcohol and so of course always went back. keeping the sickness of drinking always a constant memory and my absolute joy despite my worst days of finding myself months away from my last drink, and keeping a plan of absolute abstinence no matter what,putting sobriety above my marriage, above my old lifestyle, above my old friends, above my job, above my very worst days: has made the difference. I recognize my old self in some of the voices here and it makes me sad, kind of how a tragic or violent movie does, and I wish people could understand the importance of sobriety and how it must become the first priority because half assing it will never, ever work, and then I realize people have to come to this on their own. So I work to accept that but also must limit my time here when it encroaches on my sober peace.

Just some thoughts from my new sober life. It feels like release from a dark and terrible prison. My mother asked me yesterday if i didn't just quit because my husband wanted me to. I said that I have tried to quit for good for a long, long time, and now it feels as though I have actually done it. and that makes me happy.

Take great care of yourselves and never forget the importance of staying sober.
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The next book you should read? Maggie Now, also by Betty Smith. You'll like it as much as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
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Thanks least! I'll check it out...and I will always take book recommendations. was looking over a man called ove. When that one was popular I was too busy drinking myself to oblivion to focus on it.
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Congrats on 6 months Stayingsassy

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Posts: 1,906 look me a lot longer to get in that kinda head space. You know what they say though...Women mature a lot faster than men. haha..

seriously...that's awesome. It's nice to finally be at peace with this, isn't it?

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Nice one on six months!
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AWESOME post!!!!!!
Huge congratulations Stayingsassy!
I'm shedding a little tear of joy on your behalf!
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Congratulations Stayingsassy! I think I know how you feel. A couple of months ago I realized how free I had become. Free to not think about drinking. Free to walk past the liquor store without any second thoughts.

You are absolutely right when you say half assing sobriety will never work. But the rewards are fantastic.
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Now that's some sassy sobriety right there, good going!
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Big congrats, Sassy. Well done Six months is absolutely every reason to celebrate. Continue embracing your sobriety as you have and count each day as a gift (not to sound like Mr. Hallmark here )

Originally Posted by Stayingsassy View Post
But I'm not there yet and overworking myself is always an issue.
I'm not much for giving advice, but to your point above I think that will be key with the ensuing days, weeks and months ahead. Try not to let the overwork become the rule instead of the exception. Overwhelm is definitely a short circuit to regression in my experience

Continue in strength!

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Good on you.

To the extent you are interested, I would suggest two things that you might like as you move into the next phase of your life -- I just started doing the Course in Miracles, which I have never done but all my most centered friends have; and the Happiness Trap -- I am doing the online course, but think the book would be enough. I think he has it nailed.

I am very happy for you.

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Great post.

Thanks SS.

BB x
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Congrats & thanks for sharing!
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Hi Sassy, congrats on 6 months, so glad to hear that you are doing well!
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Nice post, Sassy and congrats on 6 months!
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Congrats on your six month milestone!
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Sounds like you're in a great place! Excellent.
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Nice job Sas,
I find that migrating my life away from boozy friends and activities helped a lot!
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wow, Stayingsassy, you sound like a different person from just a few months ago!
great to read this update.
yes, A Tree grows in Brooklyn was a book i read at about a year into sobriety and just loved, with so much empathy.
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I kind of had to become a different person.

I had to erase the last version of myself to become this one.

I'm not exaggerating. Of course I am still me with the same job and the same family, but there was an alcoholic identity that I had to shed. It's true that you can't keep your old life.

There will always be some very concrete things in your old life that can't be in your new one, or you can't stay sober.

Some of your friends have to go. Some of your activities have to go. Your entire method of how to cope, how to relax, and how to recreate has to change.

Sure you may still go to concerts, bars and restaurants. But none of it will feel the same. I didn't say it will feel worse. It just won't feel the same.

Nothing in my entire life felt the same after getting sober, if someone had told me "so now you are actually Alice falling down a rabbit hole," Id have agreed.

maybe one of the bigger reasons for relapse is just that, just how foreign and unfamiliar; and therefore scary, early sober territory really is.

As I said above, I am still figuring out my way. I'm no longer scared, but man, am I still tiptoeing through. Life is quite an adventure. It's pretty interesting in full HD. I recommend getting though the long dark tunnel to get here any way you possibly can. It's worth it.
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