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Hi All

Please tell me if I am posting in the wrong place.

I am 6 months and 22 days into recovery from alcohol and I have been really struggling over the last few days my AV is going haywire and I just need to black everything out although I know I just can't go back ...

Need to be here and see positivity - I thought I was doing well :/

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"I thought I was doing well"

You ARE doing well. You have 6 months 22 days in the bank. Keep the AV at bay. You will be mightily annoyed with yourself if you have to reset the clock.
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Chances are these are temporary feelings with possibly permanent consequences.

You may have needs that are not being met. Craving alcohol is a symptom that you need something....better nutrition? More exercise? More time in nature? More time with family or friends? What does fun look like to you now, if alcohol isn't it?

This is why HALT is such a buzzword in sobriety circles, make sure your needs are met.

Peace, and distract yourself away from the alcohol in any way you can.
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You are posting in the right place! Welcome.

I struggled at around 6 months too. Learned about PAWS, post acute withdrawal syndrome, and that explained so much. Not that it went right away, but it was good knowing the reason and that it would pass.
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Welcome to SR rainbowalien
tons of support here

What have you been doing to stay sober up til now?
what kinds of things are you wanting to 'block out'?

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