Depression and how to cope

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Depression and how to cope

The depression at the moment is pretty severe. Loss of interest in things. Sadness. Depressed about getting older, job prospects, ability to manage this disease, relationships, etc. How do you manage your depression when it comes? I feel very disempowered. Like a empty vessel. No or little vital energy inside. Thanks.
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I cope by forcing myself out into the fresh air, I also have finally been given medication that works after 8 years on tablets that didn't help, baby steps is how I started wishing you all the best
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Have you ever seen a mental health professional bluseky? There are a lot of very good coping mechanisms for depression/anxiety but you should also seek help for your issues just as you would seek help from a medical doctor if you had a medical issue.

For me taking a walk is a great simple thing that can help with both depression and anxiety. It gets you up and moving and if you can just take in your surroundings it helps calm you too.
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Ya know showing up seems to be the first thing anyone can do.

what i mean by that is. when iw as in the darker places it was liek look. I got to work today didnt I? thats all i got. I'd keep the goals minimal and told myself I just gotta get up to bat if i strike out i strike out but i gotta get up there.

given my current predicament i struggled this morning. I felt very deflated. I wanted to run but felt like whats the use and that i just couldnt. But I used my show up idea and ran and it worked out and better then usual and i feel better.

So i dunno get up to bat. you strike out you strike out who cares. but wallowing in it? thats not all that productive.

i know its easier said then done.

I was out for a walk once while very depressed. again I decided to at least show up. at least go out there if i high tailed back home right away oh well least i tried. I ended up going for the walk but had my head down the whole time was crying and depressed. I finally felt i should lift my head and look around at which point I noticed all the leaves changing and the beauty of nature around me and such and i felt better. Is it a cure nah. I had to do it again the next day too. Seems theres no cure just things we can do to make stuff better and cope etc..
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Hi intothebluesky

I'm sorry you feel down, Honestly I usually just see my doctor.
Other than that I found exercise helps a lot too.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Exercise is crucial. The only thing different about this time for me is exercise, all other quits I was sedentary. If alcohol is out of the question, what will work for you to feel better? Life offers many ways to give short periods of relief of happiness. I felt almost no happiness at all in the first few months. Maybe a little relief when I exercised or are something or talked something out with a friend but honestly happiness was elusive and I felt terrible most of the time until it passed.

I understand that sometimes people need to see a doctor but I think first, people can work on their own sobriety toolbox. What will you do to cope? What kinds of things do you need in your life?

These are things that get easier to answer when your brain chemicals have stabilized, which takes months sometimes.
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I would echo the suggestion to talk to your doctor. I have depression and anxiety, and I totally agree that getting outside, taking a walk, exercising, re-engaging with friends and with the world in general are key to treating depression. But in my case and in many other cases, depression is a medical condition that needs the support of medical professionals, whether that means therapy or antidepressants, or other interventions. For me, it took medical treatment before I felt like I had the energy and will to re-engage with life through the types of activities others have listed here - exercise, etc. Now I'm well enough to tackle those kind of activities and feeling much better.
Everyone is different, but there's definitely no harm in talking with your doctor to decide what the best steps are to get you feeling better. Good luck!
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Ditto: talking to doctor is crucial. I've been treated for major depression throughout recovery (26 years) and wouldn't be alive without medication. Yes, exercise and taking action can alleviate situational depression that we all feel from time to time.
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Get in touch with a therapist, this is there job to help you get better.
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Originally Posted by NYCDoglvr View Post
Ditto: talking to doctor is crucial. I've been treated for major depression throughout recovery (26 years) and wouldn't be alive without medication. Yes, exercise and taking action can alleviate situational depression that we all feel from time to time.
Medication has successfully relieved my symptoms for many years now.

Exercise, reading, dietary discipline, etc. are great, too, but I suffered unnecessarily until I started taking meds 19 years ago.
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hows it going intothebluesky?

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Keep in mind that depression is the number one symptom of untreated alcoholism. There is no medication that will fix alcoholism so even inadvertently taking medication for depression will only cause other problems if the real issue is not depression. A Bit like having chemo therapy for a broken leg.

I was a bit worried by your meeting experience and wondering why the group is not offering you that hand of AA as it should be. There could be two reasons in my experience. One, sadly far too common is that the members are wrapped up in their own little world and have forgotten the newcomer. They are not being nasty, just thoughtless and self centred.

The other can be the newcomers own attitude, if they have been rejecting the help that has been offered. Then, the book says, they should invest their time where it does more good and not chase a person that doesn't want the deal.

As far as the program being exhausting and painful, that hasn't been my experience. I did a couple of sessions of about 4 hours around steps four and five, but other than that my time and energy committment has been very easy to live with. Just a few hours each week to live the program and give back.

There were parts of the program that were uncomfortable, and the consequences of some of the many mistakes I have made on the journey have sometimes been painful,but overall the whole deal has been extremely rewarding. Living the program has been a pelasure rather than a discipline.
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I agree with mike that alcoholism can cause depression and focusing on getting sober is priority number one.

It takes months to truly get sober.

Whatever you do and no matter how you feel, do not go back to the drink.
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