Started a new hobby

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Started a new hobby

Hey everyone.

Wow I started a new hobby this evening, a fitness class and Omg it's the first time my mind has been completely free from thinking about alcohol or my problems. What a great feeling, why didn't I do this sooner is what I'm asking myself now. Sad the class is only once a week but maybe I will pick up some other things along the way. Anyone thinking of a new hobby go for it, it's amazing what happens I'm your mind when you enjoy something.

Bit of a non post but just thought I'd share it could help someone. Thanks lpg
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So glad to hear that!

Doing new things are exercise are great for the soul.
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I feel wonderful, it's the first excersice iv done in 2 years as iv never been upto it before. Excited for the next class.
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A "non-post"?! Not at all!!!!! Hobbies and exercise and everything engaging is exactly what keeps us sober!! Thank you for this :-)
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Sounds like a great idea Lpg, congrats on doing something good for you that also feels good!
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Thanks for the motivation! Iíve been meaning to start a fitness class! Enjoy
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Gotta love the endorphin rush. I hate getting started, but the way i feel after a good workout...nothing like it.
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Forgot how good it feels and slept like a baby too. Although abit tender today haha must mean it's worked.
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I would go ape shlit without exercise. Its my medication, literally. I started doing classes again (instead of just doing my own 'thing') about 2 months ago and yeah, its a blast. I love watching everyone just having a good time, and working really hard. And I love that I'm way older than everyone else....he he. Ego boost. Well that's not totally true, there a few people in my age group. Ego again! Now I have to get back to hot yoga....

I am also knitting my first cardigan. I've been teaching myself to knit and I've gotten good enough to actually move beyond hats and scarves. I love the internet.

I'm a horrid artist but I've been wanting to take a painting class anyway. A Bob Ross kinda thing. Maybe I'll just use a Bob Ross video and go for it!
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Lpg, come join our fitness thread! Look for Road to Spring 2018.
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Great! I don't think it's possible to stop drinking and not replacing it with something.
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