Antabuse with naltrexone?

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Antabuse with naltrexone?

Was curious as to if anyone has had any experience with taking naltrexone and antabuse combined as an effective deterrant to drinking and to eliminate the desire to drink.

Just looking for feedback on this one, as I have a prescription for both.
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You'd need to speak with a doctor on that one regarding the interactions, we cannot give medical advice here.

Most drugs designed to help cravings are designed to work in conjunction with a solid recovery plan. AKA - there is no "magic pill" that will cure addiction.

Antabuse is not designed to stop cravings - it makes you sick if you drink.
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I've taken antabuse in the past. I'm not looking for medical advice so much, just personal experience as to if anyone has taken both simultaneously, and how it worked for them. I'm aware there is no magic pill. Just looking for possible feedback on people that have taken both together.
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Only took naltrexone (Vivitrol injection) for one month. It took away my ability to enjoy anything or feel good feelings toward things I should enjoy.

I was fresh off a short relapse, actively working the AA program and solidly in the fellowship. Addiction Dr recommendation.

All I can say is if someone made it so I couldn't enjoy alcohol (naltrexone); made me vomit any time I drank (antabuse); or otherwise made it impossible for me to enjoy the effects of alcohol WITHOUT giving me some coping skills to replace it with . . . I'd be absolutely miserable. I'd probably go try to kill myself again. And I'm serious.

Alcoholism is a lot more than just a physical addiction. Alcohol had become a coping mechanism for me - albeit a poor one - and without some healthy ones to replace it I'd make some ever poorer decisions.

Are you working a program?
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I've taken both while in IOP and the combination of the three was very helpful. It really made the antabuse seem unnecessary, but I think the prophylactic affect was another safeguard. No harm in taking both in my opinion.
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I don't think taking the two together makes more than a sum of the two separately, if that's what you were driving at.

if you've taken Antabuse before, then you know what that does; taking Naltrexone as well *may* give you some reduction in cravings & assist you with your preferred program of recovery.
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What Ken said.
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I had a relapse after being almost an entire year sober. The prophylactic benefit of the Antabuse is good, however since the Naltrexone is new to me, I didn't know I had it as an option until after this relapse. I've been sober for over a month now (stopped right after the relapse) but I was just curious as to how the two medications have effected others like I mentioned.

Treatment program? Yes, AA.
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Many people do take both together with the naltrexone to help with the cravings, and the antabuse as a very strong mental deterrent as drinking on it will give a lovely visit to the ER.
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