I cannot believe he stopped loving me

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You hit the nail on the head!

It (alcoholism) is a form of insanity, thus can't be explained logically. Sorry for the pain he ancoholic myself I need to hear these hard stories as motivation to work on breaking free.
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Thank you for your response. It is comforting. I canít sleep and even if I do I dream of him. I do not have any children and that makes me feel so alone. I have been so set on saving my marriage but as the months go on, I feel lost. I look to this forum in hopes others who have survived may give me words of wisdom. I have tried Al-Anon but the members only vent their concerns but do not offer any comments at all. I may misunderstand Al-Anon but I was hoping they would give insight as to what is going on. I am not looking for advise on what to do but I want some explanation of the insanity.
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I hope you continue searching to break free. I feel compassion for all who suffer from alcoholism and their loved ones. In 2004, My AH checked himself in to a 30 day rehab and I was so proud of him. Today he has cut all ties with me. I am devastated. I will miss him. I miss him now I miss his laugh, I miss going to church with him and I miss eating our favorite chocolate cake. and itís painful he doesnít miss me. Stay sober so your loved ones do not miss you.
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