A reminder of how bad things were.

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A reminder of how bad things were.

I was going through some old boxes of clothes from last years winter. I live in southern California so “winter” doesn’t really happen here much but we are planning a camping trip in a few weeks so I needed them. I found SO MANY empty booze bottles hidden in there. I thought back to how I used to drink so much that I would have to hide the bottles in my closet so my husband wouldn’t see them in the recycling. What a sad stressful life I had. It made me feel a little better about my one time slip up on NYE. Having a few drinks was NOTHING compared to the amount of alcohol I used to consume. Now to cut it out completely.. I’m on day 5, I want this new year to be my forever alcohol free year.
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Congrats on Day 5 SIL. I've found empty beer cans long after I quit too, I know the feeling well. I used to have an old boat that was unused for years and I founds some empty cans I stashed in there when I drug it out of the woods to sell last summer - they were probably there for 5 years or longer. Made me remember too how sneaky I thought I was stashing/hiding my empties.

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that anymore, hope you can stick with us on SR in 2018.
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I'm right there with you , I'm also new to SR and 2 days sober thus far. I cleaned up yesterday wanting a clean house for a fresh start and the amounts of bottles of vodka I found were sickening to me. I know you can do it and I'm hoping to be right there with everyone on here. Have a great day!
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Congrats on quitting.

Man, I remember hiding the bottles (and little whine boxes) and the stress of worrying about whether my wife would find them.

You never need to worry about bottle hiding again!
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Me too. I've been clean since January. I did not develop addiction so hopefully I can recover my health fully and change my life around. Best of luck to you too! Stick to it damn it!
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i remember about a year ago i was cleaning out my freezer and i found a whole bottle of vodka that i had somehow missed and my family never saw. i dumped it out and remember getting nauseous from the smell. i can't believe i used to live on that s#it.
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