Friday eve

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Friday eve

Came home from first aa meeting exhausted so had a little nap, when I got up I read through the little booklets I was given and alot of helpful stuff in there.

My Plan for this evening is housework (the joys) since my last binge I haven't done any real housework as I've practically been bed bound. Hopefully this will take my mind off things.
I keep replaying my last drink over and over in my head like a broken record and I have to quit it as it's doing nothing but making me consumed with guilt. I wish I could just not think about alcohol at all it's like it's in all parts of my brain. Even seeing a wine glass in the cupboard is giving me horrific flashbacks.
Anyway sorry for rambling i Hope everyone has a nice sober Friday eve.
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Sounds like a great plan Lpg. It's going to take some time for your mind to start thinking in a different way. Use the resources you have ( numbers, SR, meetings, etc ) to help get through the tough times. You don't have to do this alone.
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i think a lot of us can relate to the feeling of guilt. working the steps will help tremendously with that.
and remember
youre not a bad person gettin good, just a sick one gettin well.
bad people dont feel guilt over past actions.
sick people do.

Lpg, thats the mental obsession the BB talks about. it was a bugger for me. that whole one day at a time thing? WAY too long for me! i had to go down to one hour at a time. sometimes down to one minute at a time. sometimes one second at a time. and prayed like crazy.
well worth the fight,too.

did i read ya say something about gettin phone numbers>
howz about gettin some courage to make some calls? you had extreme courage to walk into that meeting and look at how ya felt- the same can happen with a phone call or 2. dont be afraid to say whats goin on in yer melon with the thoughts. and if the person doesnt answer? leave a message and call another,eh?
plus, the phone is a LOT lighter than a bottle and better solutions,too.
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