Concert Last Night

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Concert Last Night

28 days sober today. Decided last minute to go see a Dark Star Orchestra (Grateful Dead tribute band) last night. Couldn't find anybody to go with, so decided to go alone. Just figured I would go up close to the stage, dance a little and enjoy the music. I knew I wouldn't drink, but I did find myself watching all the drinkers. I was a little bit envious as they were dancing around, seemingly having a great time! Unfortunately the concert for me was kinda blah, and I wound up leaving early. Usually when I have a bunch of drinks in me I enjoy the "closeness" of a crowded concert. However, I was just feeling claustrophobic and annoyed with many of the fans around me who were loud and kept knocking in to me. Even the music which I always love was just so-so...

The good news is (besides not drinking), driving home I had no concerns about getting pulled over. If I did drink last night, today I would have been hungover, sick and pretty much useless all day. Instead, I got up at 5AM, paid bills, went to the gym, raked leaves, did other things around the house and watched a movie with my wife! I had an awesome day!! I expect stuff like concerts will get better as I get more sober time under my belt, or maybe they won't!...but what I do know is I am so glad I didnt drink and because of that, I am having an awesome weekend! Hope everyone else is too!!
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I don't get envious of others that are drinking.

I have been sober over a year and I do still go to bars with my wife (who still drinks everyday) on occasion (but I haven't gone lately).

I sort of feel sorry for some of the people that are obvious drunks - sitting alone, drinking and staring blankly at a TV screen with the sound off because the jukebox is playing.

I was one of these obvious drunks and hung out with drunks for decades so I know the signs.

I am much happier and healthier in mind, body and soul as a sober person.
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Well done for not drinking. Maybe if you had you still would've had a meh night but then you would've felt like hell in the morning too. It'll get better
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Great post!! Love reading these! Hasn’t been the same since Jerry left us!!

Keep up the great work!! Productive sober day, Win!!!
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I'm glad you ha a good sober time betterlife

If drinkers make you envious tho maybe be careful about the social things you do for a while?

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Yes, great post. I'm so glad you had such a nice day.
Sure beats laying in bed hungover, huh? : )
Thanks for your uplifting post.
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You don't need to rock to know you rock, Betterlife. You're getting there; we all are.
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