TV glamorizing booze

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Originally Posted by Doug39 View Post
My main point was that the show Parks and Recreation makes it seem that drinking to excess on a regular basis is fun and a normal way to go through life.

It sends a bad message.
I don't think anyone is disputing that Doug. But the reality of life is that there are always going to be those that "glamorize" things like drinking, sex, gambling, smoking, the list goes on. We cannot change that, so focusing on it really isn't helpful to us in our recovery.

What we can do is control our own choice and actions. We can choose to change the channel or not turn on the TV in the first place. We can also make sure we stay grounded in our recovery so when we done encounter alcohol or people enjoying/promoting it, we can pass it by.
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Given the state of the entertainment industry (Hollywood) is it any surprise that they would normalize alcohol abuse in TV shows and movies? That's not to say that all shows/movies are like that or that all people in the entertainment industry are like that, but it does seem prevalent. I agree with Scott that we can control our own choices and actions, and with today's technology we are fortunate to have so many choices.

I'm old enough to remember when choices were limited to a handful of TV stations and the nearest movie theater. Now if I want to watch something entertaining the possibilities are endless thanks to the internet and on demand programming. I hooked up my pc desktop to my 55" hd TV about 5 years ago and I found that my consumption of network/cable TV has steadily declined ever since. If it wasn't for other family members I would have cut the cord years ago.
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Yes, my family holidays revolve completely around those gift sets! I do not want that memory or tradition for my girls. Board games over booze, I say!
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It's insane how glamourized it is on TV and movies. Also everyone has to have their own vodka and George Clooney just sold his vodka company for $1Billion!
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Anybody seen these:

I don't want to turn into a humourless fun-sponge now I am newly sober, but...really?
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