One Solid Year 👍

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One Solid Year 👍

I donít post here much, but just passed one year a two weeks ago on 10/26.

Probably the best, most amazing year of my life. Iím proud of myself, but also grateful for my friends in AA, my family, and all the contributors to this board.

Thank you.

The best is yet to come. 😊
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Great, isn't it? Yep, it only gets better.
Best to you.
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Congrats on the first of many sober years! It keeps on getting better.
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That’s awesome, Timmy!! Kudos to you!! Happy for you!! Happy Birthday!!
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Wonderful, Timmy.
You rock.
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Congrats Timmy

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Keep going man, your doing fine!!
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good job!! 1 year is awesome becasue you get to face all those various obstacles that you might drink and beat them. IE oh its my birthday i'm gonna get drunk or its christmas i'm gonna get drunk etc... 1 year shows you that you can get through all of that without booze.
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Congratulations! What an awesome achievement ^_^
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This makes me sincerely happy. Keep it up; the amazing discoveries of life again, those simple and others as cornerstones in you life, are on the horizon and you are on the right path to meeting each and every one!
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Great job buddy!!!!
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Congratulations, amigo.

For me, the first year was the most difficult.
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Great job on your one year milestone!
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Congratulations! Very inspiring!
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I felt so much better after I knew I could make it through a whole year - with all the triggers & temptations. Great to hear your good news.
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I think one year is the most important anniversary. You've gone through 365 days, four seasons and all the holidays. A very big congratulations!!!
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