General question about seizures

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General question about seizures

Are you still at risk for getting the seizures after you have stopped for a while? Is it something that happens during the withdrawal process only?
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There are many possible causes for seizures, withdrawal being only one. If you have concerns about it, seeing your doctor is the best route as this time.
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Your quit date is april? I think you are out of the woods as far as alcohol related withdrawl problems.

are you having some symptoms that you can't explain?
if so . . .
go to the emerg dept, could be a stroke coming on... this happened to a friend of mine, for 4 days she was reporting some strange sensations.... then it happened.
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I had my seizures about 3 days into withdrawal typically. I can't give medical advice but beyond a few weeks I don't think it will be directly alcohol related.
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i knew a guy who had a seizure on his 90 day anniversary...his first meeting lead. It was complicated by alcoholism, but the seizure was from undiagnosed diabetes.
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No, i have no seizures, my A1c is ok.
The other thread made me curious.

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