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I'm feeling down today I found out my sister is being put on hospice care.She has blood poisoning from drinking while having liver disease.Last year she was told if you drink you die.I'm worried about my mother because ten years ago my brother died while huffing computer duster.She has done nothing to deserve the pain she is experiencing.I have no desire to drink,I just feel helpless.
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Very sorry to hear that Darth. There are a lot of things in life we cannot control that cause us a lot of sorrow and pain. Remember that your mother also has you - and your choice to stay sober may not take away the other pain, but it's a blessing to you and her. Not sure if you have a close relationship with her or not, but offering your support for her at this time might help a little. Glad you came here to share and ask for support.
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((Darth Paul)) I'm so sorry to hear about your sister.

Being sober and available to support your Mom is something you can do. It may not take away the sadness but being present for her will help more than you know.
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I am so sorry. Glad you are present and able to be a comfort to your mother.
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