Feeling good without the Buzz!!

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Feeling good without the Buzz!!

Well, week 3 is almost gone and I'm feeling good. Well, better than I can remember feeling for a long time. I probably have felt better a few times after leaving the sauce for a few weeks in the past, but my body and brain won't let me remember them... not yet, anyway. All they - body and brain - want me to remember, I'm sure, is that great buzz after a few drinks; and the even greater buzz after a few more, the "forget about all my trouble buzz", the old "who gives a damn", "Devil-may-care" buzz. The woozy-floating buzz... and finally oblivion and sleep.
And then the sweating and the ugly dreams and the four or five times waking up to go to the loo and the dry mouth and the thirst. And waking up at four in the morning and feeling like you've been run over by a train: your head and your stomach hurting and your liver screaming and the sour smell of your sweat clinging to your body. And through the brain fog you remember your problems - all of which are still there, even after your binge... Only today, they seem so much worse, and real...
I'm proud to say, for nineteen days (yes, I know its early days, yet), I have resisted, and it's getting better and easier every day.
And I feel GOOD!!!!!
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Wonderful, Corrie!
I'm so pleased to know you are doing well.

What's your plan to stay sober? That's my difficult bit, so I'm interested in hearing yours. This is not a trick question, I'm really wondering.

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Well, Obladi, as I said in a previous thread, the temptation, in my case, is unfortunately going to be there as long as I work my small, one man business. So - in my case, it 's just going to have to be taking it day by day for a start. Believing in myself and my absolute wish to be rid of the alcoholic evil trying to take control of my life. And praying... and saying "thank you God for another booze-free day", often...
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Wat to go Corrie! Day 12 here and feeling sooo much better about things and waking up and actually be able to enjoy the morning air. Such a great feeling! O
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Good for you, Donny. Good for all of us; even if we just beat the craving/urge/addiction for 1 day...
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Really great to hear that you are feeling and doing so well Corrie, you've come a long way in a short period of time!
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Very well done.

Your description of nights after drinking was just how it was for me too. ** Shudder **
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Day four here, finally feeling my spirit return.

Part of my "I will never drink again and I will never change my mind" mantra


"And I will NEVER forget how bad it was!"
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congrats on 3 weeks corriec
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So happy you’re seeing the benefits too! At just over a month myself, I have lots of thoughts along the lines of stepping out of the way of a speeding train, I still have that sense of breathless relief. It’s not easy by any means, it’s just so much better!
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Thanks, Sassy. Have a great weekend.
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It does feel blissfully freeing, doesn't it? Waking up in the morning free from guilt, an aching body, and a bladder full of alcohol?

It's like a cool breeze on a dry hot summer day.

Keep it up and remember, temptations are only temporary. You can have this great feeling for as long as you choose! I tell myself, "If you want, you never ever have to drink again; feel miserable and at a loss." That is something to celebrate! Sincerely proud of you!
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