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Originally Posted by Bob4x4 View Post
DAY 3 - it's dark damp cold and drizzling rain here north of 45 degrees. A bunch of bad dreams / harsh dreams about the reality of life didn't put me in a good moog... that maybe a synthesizer joke.

I made and finished my oatmeal, drinking my first coffee in days... pressure to make a website for a new repair service - and pressure to edit some video for personal promotion. I'm surrounded by disorganized 'stuff' from musical instruments, unopened letters from eons ago, traces of documents from a former career, books from school ( building code classes ) and a cat that meows louder than a fog horn to get attention.

step one : kick the cat - LOL . where did that expression come from?

If you ever have seen Simon the Cat video animation on YouTube where the cat just walks around and creates havoc only to eventually sit on the guy and then meow loudly while pointing to his empty mouth. that is my cat.

I am here on this planet and today is all i have - part of me wants to just say FK it buy a pack of smokes and a half dozen beers.

part of me wants to go back to bed.

part of me wants to go to the park for a rainy walk.

part of me says 'now is the time to go to the gym for the 5 minute treadmill challenge' - which is basically a ploy to get me back into the gym - i give myself permission to leave after 5 mins, but it forces me back to the gym to re-tweak my brain to getting back to weight lifting.

Yesterday I forgot my celery stalks at home !!! so if i leave today they are coming with me.

NOTE TO SELF - look for pickle ball leagues in the city.

don't drink or smoke today - better day 3 than day 0.
Very amusing post made me laugh! I have a cat just like that, if he doesn't get fed at least 5 times a day, will look around for something to do, to p**s me off. You can see the calculation on his face, food or going to do something horrible look and just in case you don't get the message he basically sits on your feet until you do.
Congrats on 3 days.
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