Don't know what to do..

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Originally Posted by Mtphc View Post
Things r bad right now, have missed too much work, yes I know, have mentioned meetings and all but when you're an alcoholic it's not easy. I'm going through a freaking binge right now, it's lasted days.

I want to thank everybody here, your comments have helped me immensely, but I just can't stop, I feel dizzy, nauseous. I think I'm close to alcohol poisoning. This is where I'm at right now, and I'm not looking for attention, I'm simply speaking my mind
Hi Mtphc,

I'm really glad you are here and posting, that shows that you want to stop, even though it may not feel that way right now. It sounds like the ER might be the best place for you right now. They can help you with detox, and then can provide you with other supports available in your area.

I know it seems impossible in the beginning, but you can do this. I promise any situation you are currently dealing with in life is going to be made worse by adding alcohol.

You can do this!!!
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Just a couple of things that worked for me to get going. I got extremely p***** off at myself. The second thing was I quit making promises and vowed my actions would make my resolve obvious to all. I am saying a prayer for you. Bless.
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Being Sober is Awesome
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Also prayed for you MTPHC
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Originally Posted by Mtphc View Post
Thanks, Dee, this is affecting my whole family. Yes it feels selfish, but at the same time it's not due to family issues, the time
Came where it just became too much..
I'd focus on not drinking first - whatever the other troubles or stresses are, you won't deal with them in any effective way while you're drinking...

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