scared to death

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scared to death

I'm scared to death of how difficult this battle is going to be and how it's for life.

I'm scared of the future. The years are passing by quickly. I'm scared of life.
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Fear is a human emotion & a part of life that's why especially with sobriety it's easier for some to take it a breath, heartbeat, second, minute, hour, day at a time

Break everything down in to bitesize chunks life can get overwhelming if we don't right ?

Read this my friend

The Mountain'

My problems were as big as a mountain range & something happened one day

I mentally blew up the mountain and walked through there was rocks and boulders I had move each day to pass through (It was a massive moutain range) but as i proceeded through that mountain range I picked up some tools to help and it made the job of moving the rocks & boulders a lot less dificult there were some rocks that were heavier and required a big effort on my part but on the whole I kept moving at a steady pace and one day I came across another person who was struggling with the same rocks & boulders so I gave him the tool I was using as I had picked up a few more tools on the way from other experienced rock climbers
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Being scared is a normal part of life, but if it overwhelms us it can be quite debilitating. That's why when it comes to recovery you hear so many people suggest a recovery plan. Many of the tools you can use to help aid in your recovery can help you deal with life in general. For example, therapy, mindfulness., step work, etc. Maybe it's time to start using some of those Doubter?
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I understand. I abused alcohol daily for 35 years, and am now coming to terms with the fact that I have fewer days in front of me than I have behind.

Here's a thought for you:

1) Don't drink today
2) At the end of the day, remind yourself that all of those things you feared, that which made you crave hiding in a bottle, didn't actually come to pass.
3) Repeat

My year of sobriety has taught me that all the things I feared, and hence, hid from using alcohol, were just illusions, ghosts and shadows. They didn't exists, and that which doesn't exist can't hurt you.
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maybe you do need AA and support groups.
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Fear is natural. What you do with it is not just emotions- it is a choice.
Speaking from experience- be scared of death, because of drinking- not life without booze.
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It was scary for me too. I eventually rationalised I live my life one day at a time. Maybe try mentally breaking up the task of recovery that way, at least for a little while?

After a while, forever didn't seem so scary to me, because I was already doing it

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Hey Doubter,

I felt those exact fears. They kept me in the bottle much longer than necessary. In my sobriety I've learned to not future trip. Don't think about what you can't do some unknown future moment, but think about what can you do now (today) that will help your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, some random person, etc. With this way of living for me lets me do the next indicated thing. I have to work at staying in the now but it gets easier and easier. and there is a correlation to direct happiness also.
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What scares you?
Everyone here is here for you. We understand. We will not judge.

Do you think you will need medical detox help?
Are you doing this on your own and is that frightening you?

I stopped drinking with the support of my family here at SR.
I had 5 years without alcohol in Feb 2017.

I won't pretend that it is not difficult to stop. But as time passes, it gets easier and easier.
I did not need medical detox assistance but I had got into the habit of drinking every night.
The first month I kept busy on an evening so I would not think about drinking.
I just wanted to wear myself out and be tired enough at night to sleep without alcohol.
If you need medical help, please accept it and don't take any risks

I wish you the best xx
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Doubter, stopping drinking and facing life was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It's normal to be scared. But, have faith that you can do this!
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Don't be scared Doubter...just start out by telling yourself you won't drink today. Continue to read and post any questions you have here on SR. As you can already see, there are wonderful people here who will support you all the way.

Once you begin to understand how those who have had success with long time recovery, you will be able to adjust/"tweak" your own recovery plan.

Welcome to SR...I look forward to getting to know you better.
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